Guide to family ski resorts

Family Ski advice for the French Alps

French Alps, the overwhelmingly beautiful and enigmatic destination in France is one of the best places to have a ski vacation. Bejewelled with miles after miles of powdery snow, beautiful landscapes and a lot of outdoor activity opportunities, it is ...
kilimanjaro travel information

7 Tips For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Getting ready to climb the world’s highest walkable mountain? Kilimanjaro climbing is certainly an exciting experience, but one that you need to spend some time preparing for. It can be physically challenging and draining, and many climbers don’t actually manage ...

Places to visit in Iceland in Summer

Despite its name, Iceland is a lovely summer destination to visit with your friends. When venturing to northern countries, you always run the risk of missing out on certain activities based on the season during which you visit. Iceland is ...