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Where to go for Winter sun

Although winter is very cold, and the weather conditions can be much more unpredictable than in the summer, however this time of the year can also be incredibly beautiful, and the sun is much lower in the sky calling for gorgeous, crisp mornings. If you plan on getting away from it all before the Christmas season approaches then look no further because we have 15 amazing escapes for the colder months.

1. Malta

Malta is a somewhat under-appreciated Mediterranean destination; however, it can be a stunning place to go for a break in the winter months. With calm beaches, gorgeous hotels and landscapes, this could be just the remedy you need before you go back to the hustle and bustle of real life.

2. Tenerife

Tenerife has been a hugely popular holiday destination for years, and the temperatures rarely drop below 20C. You’ll be able to book yourself a stay at the most beautiful beachside hotel, relax by the pool and read your favourite book for a week in the middle of November. What could be better?

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles might not seem like the obvious choice for your quick getaway this winter, but think about it. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with Hollywood, the chance to mingle with the stars, and plenty of amazing attractions to keep you entertained on your trip. It’s a world away from a serene beach getaway, but it will still give you a break from the stresses of Christmas preparations.

4. Marrakesh

If you aren’t too bothered about being by the beach but still want to tropical getaway, Marrakesh is a stunning choice for your winter getaway. Immerse yourself in rich Islamic and African culture and experience something new before coming home to your real life.

5. South Australia

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, which means that as we are coming into the winter period, they are entering summer time. If you hate the cold weather, you can instead enjoy sunny beaches, beautiful national parks and Australian wildlife in the outback. Avoid the risk of snow and instead swim in the warm sea and enjoy temperatures of around 25C.

6. Buenos Aires

Argentina might be an odd choice for your winter holiday, but the capital of this great country is full of flowing rivers, stunning landscapes and forests for you to explore. If you are a bit of an adventurer, this is the perfect place to go hiking and see what the world has to offer, and shed a few extra pounds before Christmas! There are also some great museums and sights if you want to get a little bit of the culture while you’re there.

7. Florida

Why not take a magical trip to Disneyland Florida before Christmas to get you and the kids in the festive spirit? Immerse yourself in the childlike wonder of the most magical place on earth, let your kids meet their favourite Disney characters and have a butterbeer in Harry Potter World. It will be fun, sunny and super relaxing for all of you. You’ll be able to find festive hotel packages here:

8. Cuba

Cuba is a stunning country filled with the most gorgeous coastline, perfect for amazing photo opportunities and also has Havana within its borders. Havana is an ultra-romantic city full of culture and restaurants, as well as stunning architecture to admire.

9. Mozambique

Mozambique is highly underrated, but is a beautiful place to go if you want to experience all that Africa has to offer. You’ll be able to go on a wild safari and meet some beautiful creatures, enjoy the tropical coastline, or even go shopping in the bustling capital city. It’s a diverse and incredible place to visit.

10. Indonesia

If you’d rather be resting in the warmth of the southern hemisphere this winter, Indonesia is a great option for you. You can rent an apartment like this in Jakarta and enjoy warm weather, busy streets with people selling fresh food, and glorious forests to explore.

11. Antigua

The Caribbean is a popular destination for many in the summer, and the winter is no different. Antigua in particular has 365 beaches according to folklore. You’ll have the pick of hundreds of hotels and really make this caribbean stay your own.

12. Paris

If a romantic getaway is what you crave before the festive season, a weekend trip to Paris could be the perfect option for you and the one you love. You’ll be able to do your christmas shopping in this buzzing capital city, visit the stunning architectural marvels such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre museum and take a night to visit a show at the Moulin Rouge. You may even find that your other half had plans and gives you a special Christmas gift early.

13. Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most sort-after holiday destinations for westerners in the world. Many of us have moved over there to start a new life living in luxury and enjoying a new life with our families. You can feel like royalty and stay in the Burj Al Arab, enjoy exploring the islands which crown the coastline, and if you are a fan of stunning views, take a trip up the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa, and look out on the world as you sip on champagne,

14. Edinburgh

If you want to experience everything that winter has to offer, as well as get some much-needed christmas shopping done and spend time with the family, you can book yourself a few days in the capital of Scotland. Sure, it may be cold but you will be able to enjoy the Edinburgh Christmas Markets, walk around with a warming mug of mulled wine and get into the Christmas spirit.

15. Bethlehem, Jerusulem

If you are a Christian, you may want to spend some time in the run up to Christmas in the place it all began. You’ll be able to enjoy warm climates while exploring the place Jesus Christ was born.