Why visit Borneo? Here’s our top reasons

A lot of people don’t consider Borneo as a holiday destination. They have either not heard of it before, or don’t know the highlights of going there for a visit.

But believe us, there is a tonne of reasons why it should be on your radar.

For starters, it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia. In fact, the island knocks other destinations off the list when it comes down to its rainforests and stunning beaches. Here are some of the top reasons why you will fall in love with Borneo.

The beautiful beaches

One of the top reasons why you would want to make a visit to Borneo is down to its gorgeous beaches. In fact, thousands visit every year so they can do some sunbathing on the beautiful coastline. And it’s picture-perfect; you can expect glistening blue water and white sanded beaches.

It’s also excellent as you don’t have to worry about tons of tourists. A lot of the beaches are secluded making it the perfect place to do some sunbathing! There are several beaches which need to be on your to-do list. For starters, the private Mañana beach needs to be on your radar.

Only accessible by boat, it’s definitely a private haven you need to visit. You will find a small bar and plenty of hammocks to ensure you get sunbathing into your life. And don’t rule out visiting the beautiful Kalampunian beach.

It’s peaceful to ensure you can relax without being bothered by tons of tourists and you can always do some snorkeling to take in the beautiful marine life!

The amazing animals

It’s also wildlife which draws people to the island year after year. After all, if you want to get up close and personal to some amazing animals, Borneo is the place to do it. For starters, you might want to arrange some form of tour to see the orangutans which you can do through sites like

You get to go to the heart of the jungle to see the beautiful creatures in action. Some people even head to one of the many sanctuaries where you can also see the orangutans. And the beautiful turtles are also a draw.

turtle Island Sabah

In fact, you can head to turtle island which will ensure you get closer to the magnificent creatures.

The amazing island is perfect for a wander and to see the turtles in action. There’s even a sanctuary where you can find out more about the wonderful creatures!

The watersport opportunities

You also will love the amount of water sports which are available to you if you head to Borneo. After all, the pristine waters ensure you can get up close to the gorgeous coral and sea life. Therefore, diving is an excellent option for you if you head to Borneo.

In particular, you might want to head to Sipadan which is often referred to as one of the world’s best dives. You will have a fantastic time while getting to dive in the destination. Also, you need to try snorkeling and scuba diving while in Borneo. And surfing is also a popular choice here if you want to learn to catch a wave!

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