Why Private Yachting Is on the Rise

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, most people had to go through the lockdown at home. Everything, from jobs to education, had to be done at home. Special plans had to be canceled, including vacation trips to different parts of the world, leading the tourism industry to an unexpected halt, including the private yacht industry.

Chartered trips had to be canceled, and the yachts had to be docked. Some yacht companies even had to resort to offloading some of their staff due to high costs without any trips to generate income. However, as the pandemic progressed and things eventually got safer, the private yacht industry has made a comeback with the unexpected rise of private yachting.

With most people not allowed to travel to most places on land to have their trips, of course, it was disappointing for them that they couldn’t enjoy at all in this trouble-riddled year because of the health and safety precautions. It’s where private yachting comes in.

Yes, most land travel is prohibited, but the open waters are still out there. With private yachting, people started chartering trips to beautiful places in the ocean at affordable rates. Due to this, the private yacht industry has seen a boom in the number of clients looking to make private trips to various places. In this article, we’ll explain why private yachting is on the rise.



When you go on a private yacht trip, it’s really enjoyable to look at the surroundings, the scenery, and feel the ocean air. It’s even better when you have everyone you want to be with you on the trip. However, the best part of going on a yacht trip that makes it all a lot better is the privacy you can get. On a yacht, you can have a good time without worrying about anyone looking at you or causing you any trouble.

When going on vacations to land locations and going on long flights, it’s inevitable that you would encounter other people that aren’t a part of your party. Whether it’s a birthday party or a vacation with your family, a private yacht will allow you to have an intimate, great time around the open waters that will be embedded in your memory.


Health & safety 

One of the best things that attract people to chartering private yachts nowadays is that it’s pretty safe. In the current time where everyone needs to be careful of themselves to not get and spread COVID-19, private yachting has provided people with the opportunity to go out, have fun with friends, enjoy nature and the scenery, and have a little escape from the social distancing dominated world for a while.

Why is it safer? Well, yachts aren’t that big, which means there won’t be many people on them. Also, since it’s a private yacht, you can choose which people you will take. With the low number of people and your option to choose who to take, there will be a lesser chance of contracting and spreading the virus.

It’s much better than getting on a plane and going on a vacation at onshore locations, where you will have no choice but to interact with people you don’t know. On a yacht, you’ll only be exposed to people you know. Also, the crews on yachts are relatively small, especially when compared to the crews of airlines and cruise ships.

So, if you want to go on a vacation without risking getting the virus, private yachting is a very suitable option.


It’s affordable now more than ever

Before, only those in the upper classes could afford to charter a private yacht, but now with the rise of private yachting, going on a yacht getaway is as affordable as ever. Nowadays, you can get a small yacht for a chartered one-week trip for around $10,000 to $15,000. You can even find some companies that offer those at even lower prices.

We know, it’s still a huge amount of money to spend, but it’s a lot cheaper than before. Furthermore, it’s around the amount of money you’ll spend on other types of vacations. Yachts provide a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the ocean with your loved ones, and it’s an experience that will always be worth these affordable prices, because you can keep them as irreplaceable memories for the rest of your life.

Since more people are finding out that they can go on a private yacht trip without breaking the bank, more and more private trips are being scheduled everyday.


A great time 

If you want to have a great vacation, a yacht trip can most probably provide it. Just imagine all the activities and sceneries you can enjoy on it.

Plus, most yacht companies know how to make a yacht trip great, so you don’t have to worry that much about setting up your trip since they know how to help you make it more fun and memorable. Whether it’s about food, theme, activities, they know exactly how to help you.

Due to the great experience provided by private yachts, it’s one of the reasons why the industry has been booming lately.


Looking to charter a private yacht? 

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