Why Camping Makes for a Great Micro Holiday

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Not everyone gets to go on elaborate vacations. Only people at certain levels of employment get a two week paid vacation, courtesy of their employer. This is not a feature of every job. People on the lower end of the pay scale might get a couple of sick days at best. Taking two to four weeks off of work for vacation is unthinkable to a large segment of the population.

That does not mean they are without alternatives for taking some time to recharge their batteries. The calendar provides a few opportunities for vacation and recreation if you plan for it in advance. Most people get at least one or two three-day weekends. Because Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, it can sometimes become a four-day weekend. Almost everyone has Labor Day off.

Camping holiday reasons

These are opportunities for micro vacations. They don’t last long. But you can get a lot out of them. And you can usually plan for two or three of them throughout the year. One of the best micro vacations you can have is a camping trip. Here’s why:

You Can Bring Your Dog

Some people want to take vacations from the people in their lives. And others want to take vacations with the people in their lives. For them, it doesn’t feel much like a vacation if you have to leave behind the ones you love.

taking you dog on holiday

All too often, the dog left behind. Humankind’s best friend is left alone with a sitter looking in on her twice a day while the rest of the family is frolicking at the theme park. Why not go on a vacation where the dog is also welcome?

When you go camping, you can take the dog. You can take your kids. You can even take the neighbor’s kids so that your kids have someone their own age to while away the hours with.

The thing about bringing the dog on an outdoor adventure is that dogs have a tendency to wander off. This my not be the case with dogs specifically trained with systems like the Garmin alpha dog tracking tt15 mini combo. There are many training and tracking systems you can go with. Just be sure you have trained your dog not to wander off, and have a system in place in case she does.

Camping is Educational

It is extremely difficult to spend three days in the woods without learning something useful about the world, even if that useful thing is what not to do. Camping can be serene and wonderful, or an absolute nightmare, depending on your preparation.

Even the worst camping trips are filled with memories and valuable information. You can increase your potential to learn something interesting by making it a goal from the beginning.

Camping eduation

Learn something about birds by camping in an area that is home to a variety of interesting species. Don’t just fight the insects. Learn macro photography while you figure out the difference between harmful and harmless insects. Learn something about the balance of nature, and why we have insects in the first place. Knowledge is power. And there are few vacations more empowering than camping.

Fall in Love with Nature

Some people are referred to as tree huggers (a derogative term) just because they have a strong appreciation for nature. If you have never read a good book while nestled in a tree overlooking a babbling brook, you are missing out on one of the best free experiences the world has to offer.

reasons to go camping

Forget about the zoo. Camping is one of the best photo safaris you can have. You are surrounded by wildlife, most of the harmless variety. And everything you encounter from a mole hole to a bird’s nest high up in the trees is more real and feels more vibrant.

Everything is more fun while camping. The art of cooking takes on a new flavor when you don’t have the usual comforts of a kitchen. Even a hot dog is gourmet dining when camping.

The money you save when camping compared to other vacations means that almost anyone can do it. So the next time you have a micro-vacation opportunity, choose one where you can take the dog, where you can always learn something interesting, and where you can fall in love with nature all over again, or for the very first time.