What To Know When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be an enjoyable experience that broadens your horizons. To get the most out of your traveling experience, you need to learn all you can about things like import restrictions, customs, and purchasing your airplane ticket. The following tips can help you make sure your next trip abroad is something you enjoy.

Tips for Having a Safe Trip Abroad

The chances of something happening while you are traveling abroad are slim. Still, it is best to prepare for all eventualities

Enroll in your government’s Smart Traveler Program. The United States has a free online service that will tell you if you have family emergencies in the US while you are traveling abroad. It will also update you on potential dangers in the areas where you are traveling to.

Leave a copy of your passport and your itinerary with friends and family. Give them copies of your credit cards and airline tickets. The simplest way to do this is to scan them and then email them to your friends and family and to yourself. If anything happens, as long as you or your loved ones can get to a computer with Internet access, you can retrieve your information. Before you book your flight do some research on the place you are visiting regarding local diseases and illnesses. For some countries it’s mandatory to get vaccinated before you are allowed in, and all of the needed information is easily accessible on websites like TravelHealthConnect.

Make sure you have the proper travel insurance and that you are covered for emergency expenses. Finally, keep valuables out of sight.

How to Take Your Pet Abroad

Are you looking to take your furry friend abroad? If so, check with the Embassy of the country you will visit. Some countries will not allow you to bring your pets in. Also, if there is an emergency that requires you to evacuate the country quickly, pets are not always permitted. If you bring your pet, it will need to be up to date with all its vaccinations.

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Flight

 Start everything on the right foot by getting the cheapest flight available. Google Flights is a phenomenal tool that makes finding cheap flights easy. You can enter your starting location and your end destination, or you can input your starting location and see a map of the world.

The ITA Matrix is another useful tool that may help you find a cheap ticket and create an itinerary. This can be useful if you are planning a complicated travel route.

If you purchase a ticket to Europe and they delay your flight, it may entitle you to compensation. The eu261 passenger rights offers compensation for passengers who are denied boarding or who have had their flight delayed.

The Best Way to Take Money Abroad

There are a number of ways that you can take money with you when traveling abroad. We would recommend using a mixture of the following:

  • Credit Cards: Credit cards work best when you are making bigger purchases. For example, they work well if you rent a vehicle, purchase an airline ticket, or buy expensive food at restaurants. Credit cards will give you one of the best exchange rates and travel bonuses.
  • Debit Cards: A debit card might give you a good exchange rate. There are ATMs all over the world that allow you to withdraw cash using the local currency. Check to see if your bank charges you for currency conversions. Also, only use your debit card at an ATM that is inside of a trusted banking institution. Scammers have been known to steal traveler’s debit card information when they use standalone ATMs.
  • Cash: Carry some cash with you when traveling abroad just in case the place you are visiting doesn’t accept credit cards. It’s important that you don’t carry too much cash on you.

Things to Pack in Your Carry-On

Bring a collapsible water bottle that has a filtering system. Once you get past customs, you can fill up your water bottle and take it with you on the plane.

If you take daily medications, they should not be in your checked luggage. Not only does this allow you to take medication on the flight if needed, but it also guarantees you will have your medication if your checked luggage gets lost or stolen.

A battery charger is a must. Do not assume that your computer, phone, or tablet battery will have enough juice to get you through the flight.

Keep a toothbrush, facial wipes, and one change of clothes with you. This will allow you to freshen up if need be, and it will give you a change of clothes if your checked luggage gets lost or delayed.

Traveling internationally is enjoyable and allows you to create memories that will last the rest of your life. If you plan and pack appropriately, you improve your chances of having a great time when traveling abroad.