What to do in Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen: highway to heaven.

Have you ever dreamed about visiting Mexico’s blue coasts? If your answer is yes, chances are you thought about Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen. These are the ultimate vacation destinations in Mexico, and are a popular choice amongst people all over the world.

Whether you’re traveling here by plane, a cruise, or with another form of transportation, there’s so much to do for people of all ages and lifestyles! Even if you’re traveling solo or with a group of people, you’ll always find amazing things to do.


Most people think about the beach when visiting Cancun, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! From nightlife, to nature based adventures and fusion cuisine restaurants, you’ll never run out of fun activities to do in this lovely beach side city.

One of our favorite spots is Plaza La Isla, a mall located in the hotel zone where you can shop your favorite brands, practice water sports like flyboard and jet ski, and dine at specialty restaurants like Thai or see dolphins in its interactive aquarium.

If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll love its water parks, one of which has a zipline and roller coaster that would be fun for kids of all ages.

Chances are you’re landing on Cancun’s airport on your trip, so be prepared for an adventure! With so much to see around, and so little time, you need an efficient way to get to your accommodations safely.

One of the most common concerns our customers face is transportation, since there’s plenty of choices to get from point A to point B. One of the options could be using public transportation services, which are available all throughout the city and explore its suburban areas as well as the touristic ones.

Another one is using taxis and tour buses. While these are also viable choices, they focus mainly on touristic attractions, which could leave you out of the best experiences in your destination of choice.

For maximum comfort and safety, our best recommendation would be to book a private cancun airport transportation service that could help you and your loved ones reach your destination and let you try out all the activities you want to do.


Famous for its white sand beaches and archaeological sites, Tulum is a paradise for wandering souls, showing us both relaxing, luxurious resorts as well as cultural and adventure tours where you can explore its cenotes, or even go ziplining.

One of Tulum’s highlights is Ahau hotel, with its stunning wooden sculpture by its entrance, that offers an experience unlike any other.

For families, there’s also bike tours and visiting the monkey sanctuary, which could be a great adventure for everyone and tons of fun!

If you’re looking forward to visiting Tulum on a day trip, it’s located about 73 miles away from Cancun. Day trips usually include visiting small towns, beaches and  archaeological zones, so it’s best to book a private shuttle from Cancun to Tulum in advance to get the best service at the best price.

Playa del carmen

There’s so much to do around Playa del Carmen! It’s one of the most diverse cities in Quintana Roo, and is home to an amazing shopping district as well as a great nightlife.

Here you’ll find attractions such as secret beach spots,the Frida Kahlo Museum, and even swim with turtles. It’s a wonderful place to live in, and to go on vacation no matter the season!

Playa del Carmen is also the place to go before visiting Cozumel Island. There’s ferries on schedule available to visit Cozumel, with each one taking about 45 minutes to get to its destination. One of the most famous is the glass bottom one, that lets you appreciate the underwater scenery on the way there.

You can also walk around and see amazing street art in almost every corner of Playa del Carmen, or visit Xcaret EcoPark, an experience you’ll never forget.

Xcaret is located 45 miles away from Cancun and 4 miles from Playa del carmen. It has its own transportation service, but you can always get there on your own on a rental car or using another method of private transportation.