What Do Traveling and Gambling Have in Common

When it comes to hobbies, some are very similar to each other and others that are polar opposites. How humans choose to spend their free time is determined by their core interests, which is why many people who enjoy travelling might find themselves visiting brick-and-mortar casinos or frequenting the online gambling offering in their home cities. Below are some of the similarities that exist between these two popular pass-times, that might initially seem unrelated, but are in fact cut from the same cloth.

It’s a Rush

When travellers embark on a journey to another country, it is akin to walking into the unknown. In a way, the act of leaving behind what you know as safe and secure, and venturing into a strange world, can be seen as a gamble. Which is exactly where the connection comes in. Travellers and gamblers are sewn together by the odds, by the taking of chances, and risks. Both travelling and gambling are not for the faint-hearted. There is, at any point, any number of things that could go horribly wrong. Whether that is losing money or a passport, determined by the hobby of choice, but either way, the brave take the risk to reap the limitless benefits.

It’s Rewarding

Those who have been bitten by the travel bug will agree, travelling is one of the most rewarding things in life. Those who travel to far and different lands can experience different cultures, ways of life, and people. This is usually a very enriching experience and this is where gambling is similar, albeit in a more technical way. Taking a risk and placing a wager on a jackpot takes guts, but if Lady Luck decides to rear her unpredictable head, the odds, the risks, and the thrill are so worthwhile. People have been known to enrich themselves so much that they too, can experience a different culture with different people who are within their new tax brackets.

It’s a Learning Curve

Both travellers and gamblers know that nothing worth having comes easily. It is highly unlikely that those who travel to distant place are ever 100% satisfied with their preparation or planning. Wanderers often find themselves talking about the things they will be doing differently on their next travel. So too, gamblers are always learning from previous experiences, whether that be at the tables or a slot machine and you can bet your bottom dollar that these brave individuals are always learning a thing or two from previous experiences.

It Appeals to Adventurers

Most travellers spend their days working towards one common goal, to see the world. It is no easy feat though, as there are 195 countries in the world. This number is already quite high but factoring all the places that one country has to offer, makes the task impossible for just one lifetime. Gamblers are quite similar in this way, the goal is to win or play at as many casino venues as possible, or play all the slot etc. games in the world but the truth is that there are new games launched, in online casinos and land-based locations, almost every day and all over the world. This, however, doesn’t stop travellers or gamblers from attempting to reach their goals and discovering new and interesting locations along the way.

It’s Fun

Nobody in this world is likely to spend their limited time, energy and money pursuing a pass-time that does not appeal to them. Travelers have an insatiable urge to see as many things as they can, and feel momentarily satisfied after each journey. Those who do not enjoy travelling simply stay at home, which saves them time and money to focus on what they really enjoy. Gamblers are much the same. Many people are under the misconception that gamblers play games because they want to win or they want to get rich. The financial gain is a good reward but at its core, gambling has been described as a leisure activity because it’s fun. Those who do not enjoy gambling, simply don’t.


It is not impossible to see people with the interests listed above dabbling in one, or both, of these exciting hobbies. It might not be for everyone but one thing is for sure, both industries are booming on a global scale and there must be a good reason for that.