Visit London’s Vibrant West End!

By May 2021 London may well be back to normal buzzing with entertainment venues, markets, restaurants, and tourism once again. And it is just in time for the summer! If you are planning on a trip to London, then now is the time before prices rise again.

And the one spot you should stay in or at least visit is London’s vibrant West End!

The West End of London is the most happening spot in the city for both locals that live in London, Brits on a trip to the city and tourists from all over the world. It is the most convenient area to stay in while visiting the capital city of England because it is surrounded by so much to see and do.

In fact, you could stay in the West End for 2 weeks and still not see everything there is to see in the area making its own mini country within a city.

Complete 50% Of the Monopoly Board!

There are multiple tube stations in the area including Bond Street, The Strand, Regent Street, Euston, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Park Lane, Mayfair, and Leicester Square are all within walking distance of each other if you are prepared to take a hike. Now that’s most of the spots on the Monopoly board already completed!

Wining & Dining

All you need to do is take a brisk stroll in the West End and you will find yourself bombarded with cuisines from around the world. Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Hong Kong, and more. Or you could just go for traditional English grub by visiting one of the many greasy spoon fry up cafes or lay it on thicker by grabbing a meal in one of the many traditional British pubs dotted all over the area.

In the evenings, especially on Thursday and Friday nights, you will find a quick snack is the better option as these West End of London pubs get quite busy and loud. The floors resound with the sound of laughter, beer glasses clanging together, and in some bars loud music and/or sport!

Casinos & Betting Shops

One marvel of visiting the West End is the large number of betting shops, slot arcades, and casinos. The Hippodrome Casino next to Leicester Square (or above to be more accurate), is a walk-in casino with no membership required. While next to it is a slots and games arcade which is great if you enjoy playing penny slots, arcade games, electronic bingo, and more!

Gambling in the UK is a pastime for many citizens, particularly sports betting on cricket, championship and premiership football, horse racing, and more. You will find tons of high street bookmakers that are also popular UK online bookmaker brands such as Paddy Power and Coral, which you will find reviewed along with offers here. Just walking into a UK retail bookies is an experience just to see the locals cheer on horses and dogs as well as to check out different betting markets!

Leicester Square to Soho and ChinaTown

If you don’t mind walking, you could begin your journey at Trafalgar Square and make your way up the hill to Leicester Square, walk to Piccadilly (where you will find a huge Legoland and an M&Ms chocolate shop), then turn right and head into Chinatown, and then through Soho. If you don’t stop, that’s about a 10-to-15-minute walk. Along the way you will see the Hippodrome Casino opposite and next to two of the Leicester Square tube station exits.

If you want to venture a little further from Soho and Chinatown, you are already on the verge of three major West End shopping districts which are Oxford Street, Bond Street, and Carnaby Street. If you are looking for souvenirs, then Carnaby Street is great. That said, on your journey through the above recommended areas, you will naturally run into plenty of souvenir shops, anyway!