Are villas better than hotels for family holidays?

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When it comes to choosing your next family holiday, it can be tough to please the whole family!

However, if you are looking to spend some quality time together then there is no better option than a family villa holiday. At a villa, you can make yourself at home and enjoy your holiday in exactly the way that you choose, so you are guaranteed to satisfy the entire family’s needs!

There’s no need to worry about being up at a certain time to not miss out on breakfast, taking part in the usual scramble for a good sunbed, or sharing a pool with lots of other people.

Carry on reading to find out more about our top reasons as to why you should choose a family villa holiday.

A World of Amazing Destinations

From Italy to Spain to Florida, you can find lovely villas across the globe, no matter where your preference to stay is. For many, Europe is a fantastic choice as you can enjoy short flight times, stunning weather and breath-taking sights.

sicily villa holidays

For example, a villa in Sicily will allow you to take in the eye-catching sights of the surrounding mountain scenery from your own private balcony.

Villa or hotel in sicily?

For more information about some of the gorgeous villas available to stay in, why not check out a site such as Here, you can check out a range of beautiful villas in the town of Sicily. If that isn’t a crowd-pleasing holiday then we don’t know what is!

A Villa to Suit Everyone

When it comes to choosing your perfect holiday, the phrase ‘one size fits all’ definitely does not apply! One of the amazing things about choosing a villa for your next family holiday is that you can stay in a place that meets your exact requirements and needs.

Watch this awesome video from Channel Mum to see why Villas are awesome for families.

Villas come in a whole range of different sizes, so no matter whether you are looking for a smaller two bedroom villa, to a huge two storey villa with six bedrooms that is big enough to invite along even the extended family, there is a villa out there to suit everyone.

Furthermore, depending on how big your budget is, you can enjoy everything that a basic villa has to offer or you can go all out with a villa offering all of the bells and whistles such as pools, gyms and hot tubs!

Enjoy the Luxury of Your Own Swimming Pool

If you are used to staying in hotels on your trips abroad, then you won’t have experienced the luxury of having your own swimming pool! This is one of the biggest benefits to having your own villa as there is no need to set the alarms early to grab a sunbed.

villa pool

Enjoy your lazy mornings and saunter down to your private pool where there are plenty of sunbeds available and there is no fighting between you and your neighbour!

Plus, if you fancy a late night dip after a day of sight-seeing, you have the option to do that too!