Vaping while travelling – where can you use your e-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers (See for the most advanced handheld vaporizers in the market) have offered an excellent way for people to move from traditional tobacco to a healthier product, without having to worry about the effect of passive smoking on others.Unfortunately, many transport companies have taken exception to e-cigarettes, despite the fact there haven’t been any conclusive reports linking them to causing harm to others. There are many people protesting these bans, as it seems unfair to place them on those who enjoy vaping. However, for now it’s essential for those who enjoy a vape to find out where and when they can enjoy their e-cigarette when on the go.


Where you can smoke e-cigarettesVaping is banned on the vast majority of airlines flying from the UK and Europe, and electronic cigarettes can trigger the very sensitive smoke alarms in bathrooms, so trying to use your equipment onboard could land you in serious trouble. Many of the major airports in the UK, especially in London, have banned smoking inside the airport, although Heathrow has some areas where you can use electronic cigarettes. If you’re travelling to a smaller, regional airport, then you might find a designated smoking area where you can vape, although you’ll have to put up with passive smoking from others with traditional cigarettes.

Another thing to consider when travelling by air is how much liquid you’re carrying. Remember, airlines have strict limits on how much liquid you can carry, as well as how many millilitres can be held in each container. Therefore it’s better to take small bottles of e-liquids, and to keep them in a clear plastic bag.

e-cigarettes on uk trainsTrains

Across the UK, trains and tubes have banned electronic cigarettes on board, and some places have banned them inside stations too. However, some rail providers will allow you to vape on the platform before you catch the train, so just look for signs to indicate whether it’s OK to do so.

Rental cars

driving and smokingWhen you sign an agreement with rental car providers, most of them will ban traditional cigarettes, but there are often no clauses that ban e-cigarettes. Because they are cleaner, and don’t leave the lingering smell, then vaping in rental cars is usually OK, as long as you aren’t distracted and are still driving safely. You may want to keep a window open when you are vaping, just to ensure that there’s no trace of smell left from your e-cigarette, although most flavours have barely any smell to others.


smoking e-cigarettes in hotel roomsIf you’re going to be staying in a hotel, check their policies on the use of e-cigarettes. If there’s no explicit ban on them, then you should be fine to vape in the privacy of your room, as there’s no risk of leaving a smell or burning a hole in the sheets. E-cigarettes don’t generally set off smoke alarms the way a traditional cigarette can, and so nobody should know you’ve been vaping in your room.

Different countries have different rules when it comes to e-cigarettes and where you can vape, so make sure you check the laws before you go. Although it’s unfair to those who enjoy vaping, which hasn’t been shown to cause harm to others, you still need to follow local laws and those enforced by travel companies, ensuring that you don’t land yourself in trouble.