Vacation Spots With The Best Casinos

What constitutes your ideal vacation? Do you like to lay by the beach or pool? Do you need an active night-life scene? Are you looking for extreme excursions? Amusement parks? Incredible dining and shopping options? Do you want to see museums? Are you someone who wants to spend time in the casino? See shows? Go on hikes?

In all likelihood, you’re someone who’s looking for some combination of all those things. As a result, when looking to plan the ideal vacation, certain interests are bound to fall by the wayside.

For many people, unless they’re committed bettors, casinos are likely to land lower on that list. After all, you can just use the best sports betting sites to indulge those inklings. And yet, while that’s all well and good, trips to the casinos and visiting the ideal vacation spots do not have to be mutually exclusive.

When most people think of casinos, their minds immediately go to Las Vegas. And why wouldn’t it? It is the gambling capital of the world. It’s also synonymous with an overly busy pace of existence because of that title. Casinos aren’t the only draw, but they are the primary draw. Everything else—like excursions, shows and meals—are secondary and can be less accessible.

That’s fine for some people. For others, they need more options beyond the casino. The casino, in fact, is the side benefit to their vacation. And fortunately, there are a handful of popular tourist destinations that fit this bill.

Below are some of the most favorably reviewed, with all the information courtesy of the folks over at Trips To Discover.


Macau, China

Macau is best known for its own long stretches of 24/7 casinos, which can be viewed from extremely far away distances at night because of extravagant lighting. But while these casinos are the nerve center of Macau’s economy, they make up only a portion of the draw for tourists.

Few other places within Asia have as active and extensive a nightlife. But don’t take this to mean Macau is for adults-only.

Families can get their fill of activity around Nam Van or Outer Harbor, two waterfront areas which feature everything from golf, go-karting, horse and greyhound racing, amusement attractions at Fisherman’s Wharf and the popular Rua S. Domingo street, a locale renowned for its selection of bars and restaurants.


Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario, Canada

Are you looking for breathtaking views? Or a chance to become one with nature? Are you simply a waterfall enthusiast?

And do you also want to take a trip to an interestingly themed casino?

Well, then, Niagara Falls is probably for you.

Most tourists come through for a look at the world-famous Niagara Falls. They will snap photos, go on tours and even pay for boat rides that bring them so close to the Falls they must wear ponchos to prevent them from getting their clothes soaked.

Beyond the greeting-card opportunities that await you at Niagara Falls, though, there are a handful of casinos, located at both the borders of Ontario, Canada and New York in the United States for you to visit and play at. The decor inside most will be worth the trip alone, and each casino will also provide you with a bunch of different entertainment options, in addition to overnight lodging selections.


Monte Carlos, Moraco

Going to Monte Carlos is at once like visiting Las Vegas and going to the furthest place from Vegas.

Does your brain hurt yet? It’s supposed to.

On the one hand, Monte Carlos is home to a number of glittery casinos, which offer luxury hotel and amenity experiences that exceed even those offered in Vegas. Combined with the bustling nightlife, it makes for a similar experience, only with a more upscale twist.