Vacation Ideas for the Active Holiday Goer

Are you wondering where to go this year on your vacation? Sure, you are! Who isn’t?

But maybe you’re out of ideas because you’re feeling a little restless. The idea of lying on a beach for a week sounds boring, or you’re worried you’ll get tired of it after a few days? It sounds crazy but it happens.

There is another option. In fact, there’s lots. There is the holiday that gets the heart pumping, gets the adrenaline racing, that drips excitement with everything you do. It’s suited to those who love to keep moving, who love nature, and who want to see more of the world. Take a look at our ideas for the best active holiday destinations.

Snorkeling through the Galapagos Islands

The wonders of life under the sea aren’t so far away, and with a toy usually sold at beachside shops, you can explore it. With an oxygen tank you can go even further.

And it doesn’t get more exciting than snorkeling through the Galapagos islands. The waters are filled with a thriving ecosystem, with the likes of safe blacktip reef sharks can swim right past your nose, while you’re looking at the turtles floating around the reef, or the sunfish baking in the rays.

If you’ve had your fill of snorkeling, there is also the option of diving, surfing, and boating around the islands, and of course the option of hiking over the stunning landscapes of the islands.

Skiing across the French Alps

Nothing says adrenaline like the slopes. Dig out your skis or snowboard and head to Savoie for a whole range of tiny villages nestled between the French Alps that make up the border between France and Italy.

La Plagne, in particular, offers a cozy little village at the bottom of the slopes where you can grab a hot drink and explore once you’re done shredding. Check the snow forecast for La Plagne here.

Cave diving through the Diamond Highlands

If you like the idea of wandering through the depths of caves, there is no better option than Brazil. The Diamond Highlands, named for the diamond mines of the area, offer up gorgeous and calming waterfalls, clear waters that allow you to see into the depths of the cave and exotic plants lining the walls. Swim in Poco Azul, the crystal-clear cavern pool and wander between the wild orchids of the walls in this hidden Eden beneath the mountain of Morro Pai Inacio, which also makes for a great hiking opportunity.

Step up to the Great Wall of China

The world’s biggest Stairmaster is in China, giving you a great workout as you wander. Who needs a BBL when you have The Great Wall of China? Of course, covering all of it is a tad too much of a workout, so you might be better off picking where to start.

Mutianyu is the section that is most popular due to the fact that it is the most well-restored and easiest to handle, making it ample for families, but if you’re looking for a challenge, check out the Jinshanling section, which is popular with hikers as it goes over some steep hills, giving you a beautiful view at the top.

Soaking in Icelandic hotsprings

And once you’ve done all that, you can take the world’s best bath time to really unwind in the hot springs of the Reykjadalur Steam Valley. The hot spring water is full of natural minerals that are hugely beneficial to your body, so this isn’t your average bathhouse. Sulphur, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium are all in the water, treating respiratory problems, increasing blood and oxygen flow, improving skin health, and aiding tender joints.

After hitting everything else on this list, that is exactly the ticket before you head home.