Unusual ways to travel around the world

If you love travel as much as I do then you’ve no doubt been on countless planes, a high number of trains and probably quite a lot of bus journeys too. We’re all used to these forms of transport but, like most things in life, there’s many more ways to get around that you may not have tried yet. Getting from A to B has never been so exciting, so here’s a few other ways you might want to consider on your next adventure!

Hot Air Balloon

Once upon a time only the most intrepid of explorers and high society could afford such an extravagant mode of transport. These days hot air balloons are big business in many tourist destinations around the world. Getting an arial view of the landscape beneath you really does open up a new way of looking at things. One of the most popular place for this is while on safari in Africa. I’d highly recommend a balloon ride above the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Migrations happen here from March to May and October to December. There is no greater way to experience them than from the air looking down at the hundreds of thousands of animals crossing the landscape together. The climate here makes hot air ballooning possible all year round too. If you’re looking for a more unusual ballooning destination try Gstaad in Switzerland. The window of opportunity here is much smaller due to the cold climate so expect prices to be high, but its sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Hot air balloons africa

Off road vehicles

There’s over 11 million miles of road in the world, getting you from A to B on smooth tarmac. Sure its one way to drive but getting off road and cross country is epically more exciting. There’s no shortage of off road experiences in the world. From the highland forests of Malaysia to the sandy desert dunes of Dubai. 4 wheels are much more fun when you challenge the rugged landscape. You can even hire a 4 wheel drive car like Jeep and go off-road yourself in certain places around the world. California and Nevada in America have some great off-road excursions you can take. Check out the Rubicon Trail and the challenging Crystal Ridge Trail in Washington. There’s also some great off-road trails in France, Spain and Italy if you’re looking for somewhere in Europe. Piemonte is the best region in Italy for it.

Best off road travel experience


ParaglidingMaybe this one is only for the real adrenalin junkies but whatever your thrill level, its worth exploring. Paragliding involves running and pretty much jumping off of a hill, strapped beneath a large self inflating wing, much like a parachute but with way more control! Its the latest “cool” sport and there’s a growing number of tourist friendly experiences in some very exotic locations. Rio de Janeiro has one of the best paragliding experiences around. The excursion takes around 3 hours, taking off from Pedra Bonita ramp, high up in the Tijuca Forest. The views are stunning, you’ll see coastal islands, more of the beautiful lush forest, flying high over the Rocinha Favela, over Pedra da Gávea  and unparalleled views of Christ the Redeemer too. The 10 minute trip ends with a grand entrance on to Pepino Beach where you can grab an ice cold drink and take in the beach front views. One of the most thrilling ways to get around! Check out this awesome video to see why paragliding is a must on your next travel adventure!