Interesting places in Vietnam – Where to go and what to see

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There are many reasons to make Vietnam your next travel destination.

For those who would like to try something a bit different, what can Vietnam offer the more adventurous and curious travellers?

Here’s what I recommend you do, where you should go and the latest hotel deals I could find. These are the most interesting places and things to do in Vietnam right now.

Find the real Vietnam

what to do in Vietnam The first thing to do is to get away from the usual tourist haunts and go in search of the ‘real’ Vietnam which is easily achieved by hiring a moped.

Pick a direction out of any city and just follow it; then look for the smaller, less travelled routes and in a very short time you can be in an area that tourists seldom reach.

The local way of life is simple and uncomplicated and the people are just as curious about you as you are about them.


Watch this video for 23 things to do

Le Mat Snake Village

where to eat in Hanoi Not something for everyone but there is a memorable trip to be made to Le Mat Snake Village in Hanoi. It is home to a number of traditional, specialist, restaurants that provide an extensive menu of dishes and beverages, all with snake as the main ingredient.

You can purchase your own choice of snake, from a selection of species, and have it served up in a banquet of seven traditional recipes, the meal starting with the still beating heart served in a glass of rice wine.

Cu Chi Tunnels

where to go in Saigon If you drive 2 hours out of Saigon towards the North East you can find the Cu Chi tunnels. These are part of the vast network that were of great significance during the Vietnam War and enabled the Vietcong to escape, undetected by American search parties.

There are very informative tours and some of the tunnels have even been enlarged to fit western tourists.


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Suoi Tien

best water park in Vietnam A theme park may not sound very unusual but just take a look at Suoi Tien.

A Buddha themed amusement park just outside Ho Chi Minh City, based on the country’s culture and mythology.

There are numerous temples and a building where you can visit the local gods; before cooling down in one of the many water features as soothing music fills the air.

Marble Mountains

what to visit in Vietnam Finally, why not take a trip to the Marble Mountains south of Da Nang City where you will find giant limestone pillars named after the five elements of fire, earth, water, wood and metal.

Originally a vast marble quarry, the site also boasts a pagoda up in the trees and a massive cave that contains a temple and a huge statue of Buddha.

You can pay for a guide but it is just as easy to make your own way around the site and this avoids being directed into the many shops selling marble souvenirs.

There is a steep climb up to the summit but the view is well worth the exertion for the view of Da Nang and the beach.

This is a great video featuring Marble Mountain

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