Unusual things to see and do in Dublin

Ask any intrepid traveller and they’ll tell you Dublin is on their bucket list. This quintessentially Irish city is filled with cultural oddities and must-see sights. Most people are only in town for a short break, spending just a couple of days or a long weekend if they’re lucky. So with time at a premium some of the more unusual sights of Dublin are often overlooked. With this in mind we’ve created a guide along with our friends at Hotel Direct bringing you some of the greatest and weirdest sites of the city.

The Dodder Rhino

You won’t find many Rhinos in Dublin, but we know exactly where you can find one. Why its in the middle of a river of course! Usually home to fish, otters and the odd bird, the River Dodder isn’t where you’d expect to see a Rhino, even if it is made of Bronze. Installed overnight in 2002 this oddity can be found next to the locally renowned pub the “Dropping Well” located in Churchtown, Dublin. This beautifully presented and decidedly pink pub is a great place for a pint or dinner and you can check out the Rhino while you’re there. As to exactly why there’s a Rhino is a closely guarded secret. Be sure to ask the staff, even if they won’t give you a straight answer.

Weird things to see in Dublin

Father Pat Noise

On August 10th 1919 a Roman Catholic Priest by the name of Father Pat Noise met his maker in suspicious circumstances when his carriage plunged in to the Liffey River. A sad way to go… if it were true. Thankfully none of this story is but you’ll find a commemorative plaque marking this fictitious event on the O’Connell Bridge in the centre of town. Installed in 2004 it went completely unnoticed by local authorities until 2006 when its existence came to the attention of the local council. The plaque is actually a jovial tribute to the father of the two hoaxers and the name Father Pat Noise is an anagram of the later for “Our Father”. There were plans to remove the plaque on the grounds that it was unauthorised but after locals started placing flowers beneath the plaque it was decided it could remain in place. Revamped in 2007 the plaque remains in place, confusing tourists and giving locals a giggle.

Father Pat Noise Plaque

The Leprechaun Museum

Leprechaun museumYes it really is true, Dublin has a museum dedicated to Leprechauns. You’ll find it conveniently located at the end of a rainbow.. OK I jest it’s actually smack in the centre of Dublin, and is as entertaining as it is educational. As much as an Leprechaun museum can be anyway. Find out where the fantastical stories originated, their cultural history and more on Irish mythology. The museum is presented in story fashion with a number of chapters to keep you entertained. It even includes apparent sightings of the little creatures as far back as the 8th century. It’s open from Monday – Saturday 9.30 – 18.30 and Sundays (& Bank Holidays) 10.30 – 18.30. Well worth checking out so you can say you too have seen a Leprechaun! Find out more at leprechaunmuseum.ie

Have a drink with a local

Dublin will forever be linked with having a good time and maybe a pint or two of the black stuff. There is no better way to experience a city than with a local and Dublin has a fantastic scheme to make this possible. The City of a Thousand Welcomes project helps tourist and locals connect, with nearly 3000 residents of Dublin willing to meet up and show you around, happy to take you to the best watering holes for a drink. Check out their website at cityofathousandwelcomes.com. Here’s a little insight in to the project. If you’re looking for the true oddities of Dublin then this is without doubt the best way.