Travelling with friends – How to plan a trip with mates

Traveling with a friend is not the same as traveling as a couple or solo.

Travelling with friends - how to planThere are different considerations and things to work out before you go.

You also likely will make different plans when you’re in each travel location too, with some excursions taken together and others, apart.

Here are a few thoughts on things you should both do and plans to make ahead of time, brought to you by our friends at PR Media Co.

Check Over Your Gear

Look over whatever travel gear you already own. See if it’s still up to snuff or must be replaced with something new or better. There are reviews at Best Seekers to help you pick out the best travel-related items to order before you have bought your plane tickets.

Here’s 12 great packing tips to fit all your items in one suitcase.

The main items you’ll need include a suitcase or backpack, suitable clothing and perhaps beachwear, towels, and footwear like flip flops, shoes or hiking boots depending on what kind of trip you’re planning to take.

Passport in Order?

Is your passport valid?Verify whether you have enough pages available in your passport for the stamps you’ll get when you arrive and leave each country you plan to travel to. This is fine if you’re only traveling within the United States or plan to spend some time in Mexico or Canada too. Otherwise, plan on needing a few pages free and getting a new passport arranged if you’ve only got a single free page left.

Also, double check whether your passport has at least six months left to the expiry date, using the date of travel as the start of the six-month period. Some countries won’t let you over the border or through the airport if your passport is shortly going to expire.

A Word About Technology

Decide how much technology gear you wish to travel with. Think about the digital camera, smartphone, tablet or a laptop if you want to get things done while you’re away. If you’re traveling with your friend and will be together in every location, you may wish to share resources to avoid both carrying many items weighing you both down unnecessarily.

In terms of safety, the less expensive technology you travel with, the less at risk your items will be. If you’re sure that you won’t require your laptop on a trip, leave it at home. While taking your smartphone is very useful abroad, do you need the better-quality photographs that a digital camera delivers or will your shooter on your smartphone be sufficient?

If you do want to travel with tech then here’s some very good advice worth checking out

Planning Your Trip

Wherever you’re planning to go, trying to cram too many places into a short vacation trip gets old fast. You’re much better off seeing five places and getting to spend a few days at each location than rushing from place to place.

When you’re only in a spot for a day or two, you’re stuck taking organised trips and being shepherded around as a willing tourist. However, when you are staying with a friend for a reasonable period at each stop, you can plan out your travel itinerary based on your shared interests without being stuck doing what most tourists are doing who’re barely there a day before moving on.

For tips on planning your trip with a friend I highly recommend you watch this great guide from the VagaBrothers.

Going away with a friend is entirely different to traveling as a couple or going solo. With couples, taking care of the needs of your partner often means it’s difficult to relax even on a vacation.

When traveling solo, staying safe must become a higher priority which sometimes restricts your travel options. Traveling with a friend quite possibly is more relaxing, less stressful and provides a great opportunity to get to know them better too.