Travel tips for period pains

Getting your period when you’re travelling abroad can make life really difficult. In fact, getting your period at all can make life difficult, and the inconveniences only increase when you’re travelling.

Travelling with period painsBut how can you make things a little easier? Well, you can pack plenty of sanitary products, but you know that one. And you can keep track of when you’re due, but you’re likely already doing that. And you can keep spare knickers with you at all times.

But, of course, your bag is already full of them. But what else is there?

Well, apart from grinning and bearing it, there are a few things you might want to consider to make getting your period while travelling abroad a little less awful. Here they are:

Heat Pads

Most women experience period pain at some point in their lives, whether mild or severe, occasional or regular. Painkillers can help but nobody wants to be taking them day in, day out.

heat pads for periods

Using a heat pad to help dull the pain in your abdomen can be a good form of pain relief and they can often last for hours at a time. Most are flat and could easily be tucked into your clothes to hide them.

Leak-Proof Underwear

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re on your period is a leak. Leaks are messy, embarrassing, and inconvenient. And when you’re out and about, they can be pretty difficult to deal with! You could try wearing something like this, a pair of leak-proof knickers that protect your outer clothing from any mess or staining.

leak proof period knickers

Now that’s much more convenient that lugging around spare underwear all the time!

Menstrual Cups

Whilst the most common forms of sanitary protection are tampons and towels, menstrual cups are rising in popularity. After a one-off spend, they’re free to use again and again, making them cost-effective, and they’re also better for the environment than disposable pads and tampons. And, when you’re travelling, what’s more convenient than something that’s small and easy to pack? Not much!

Menstrual Cups