Travel review: Lisbon in Portugal

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Fado in lisbonWhen we visited Lisbon in Portugal for the first time, we immediately felt at home. We immersed ourselves in this atmosphere made of Fado, the typical local music that is spread in many corners of the city.

Then we came into contact with the kindness and friendly spirit of its inhabitants, always ready to respond calmly and politely to the information requested.

What strikes you immediately in Lisbon is the light wind that blows in the evening and carries with it the smell of saltiness.

lisbon review

All elements that lead to love Lisbon from the first moment: 

Lisbon offers visitors its many souls, between glimpses and unexpected perspectives, always trying to maintain its identity and to differentiate itself from other European capitals, with the Tejo, a river so wide that it seems like sea, to often make its head in the background. 

Without a well-defined historical centre, almost without traces of the two city walls that delimited it in the past, the city has very different areas: from the most popular neighbourhoods like Mouraria and Madragoa to the most modern ones like Parque das Nações, in a multiplication of an identity reminiscent of the heteronyms of his most famous poet, Fernando Pessoa: historical shops, such as coffee A brasileira in (Chiado Rua Garrett nº 120) or the hat shop Azevedo Rua in the Baixa (Praça Dom Pedro IV, nº 72) alternate with spaces recent and trendy like the Park bar or the disco Lux, leaving the tourist free to choose between different atmospheres, all authentic. 

When we arrived at the airport, which is not too far from the city centre, we moved thanks to a private taxi service. We moved between the central districts of Bairro Alto, Chiado, Baixa and Alfama define a classic route but not for this reason, among breathtaking views and churches of considerable interest.

Less touristy and less central, they deserve a visit Campo de Ourique and Alvalade, with their particular atmosphere and a lively and authentic traditional trade.

Even the Principe Real neighbourhood, where modern and sophisticated shops flank the traditional ones, in a typically lisboeta coexistence, is worth a walk. And a stop at the Emaixada: an innovative space dedicated to fashion and design in an old renovated building. 

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