Travel problems and how to fix them

Nothing beats travel when it comes to broadening your horizons, experiencing new and exciting cultures, relaxing without the hassle of work, and even learning a bit about yourself.

We spend so much time working and managing our daily lives that vacations and downtime are absolutely essential for our overall well-being.

The thing is, disasters can happen, and the chances are that no matter how organized and prepared you are, sometimes life just happens and it’s up to you to deal with it.

If you’re preparing for the trip of a lifetime, here are the most common travel woes and how to bounce back from them.

Bad accommodation

There’s not a lot that’s worse than arriving in the destination of your dreams, only to find that your accommodation is dirty, falling apart, or, even worse, not even there! If you do arrive at your hotel or Airbnb only to find that it’s not quite as advertised, then it’s important that you understand that you have a number of rights that can help you. In fact, having bad accommodation is one of the easiest travel problems to fix!

Simply contact your tour operator or travel agent, or even Airbnb, and you might be surprised by how quickly a solution offers itself.

In worst case scenarios, it’s worth chatting to the hotel staff, because no business wants negative online reviews, and you have a lot of power as a tourist customer.

Falling ill

When you’re unwell, you want the comfort of your own bed and perhaps a little bit of sympathy from your nearest and dearest.

Health advice for long haul plane flightsThat’s why it’s absolutely appalling to be hit with illness while traveling far from those home comforts. Compounding the issue is the possibility of not being able to speak the local language, which can be a nightmare in serious cases that require medical assistance or hospital stays.

This is a tricky issue to deal with, but you can alleviate minor issues by making sure that you pack a first aid kit with your prescriptions and medications. If you do end up in hospital, then contact your embassy, or find a local who is willing to translate for you. This will be very beneficial when it comes to paperwork and understanding what the doctors are telling you.

Flight delays

Is there a bleaker way to spend your holiday time than being stuck in an airport lounge? Probably not, but it can and does happen. No matter the reasons for your flight delay, it’s very easy to become angry and frustrated, which is not the best way to start your vacation at all.

Travel insurance for cancelled flightsMinimize the risks by making regular checks on the websites and social media of your airline company, and many are even providing apps that will track flights in real time. Should the worst happen and you are hit by lengthy delays, remember that FairPlane offers a wide range of services when it comes to getting compensation for delays.

That compensation might be the difference between a ruined vacation and one that offers the right support and compensation to relieve any stresses caused.

Hopefully, your vacation goes off without any problem, and you return home brimming with memories and overloaded with souvenirs.

However, always have an emergency plan in place and be aware of what to do in case of those potentially nightmarish woes.