Travel Money Cards: How to Manage your Local Currency While Travelling  

Last minute cancellation holidaysAre you planning to travel abroad and looking for the best way to carry your travel money? If yes, then you can rely on prepaid travel card also known as prepaid currency cards. 

If you ever relied on travellers’ cheque or any other type of card for your financial needs abroad, you would be well aware how difficult it gets at times to use them. Travellers’ cheques are not even accepted at many places as they can be easily duplicated. Prepaid currency cards are safer and easier to use. 

Benefits of Prepaid Currency Cards  

There are several benefits of prepaid travel cards over other travel money options. Here are some of them we’ve complied with the help of Lending Expert’s go-to guide to travel money. 


If your travel money cards get stolen or if you lose them somewhere, you can be sure that your money and financial information is safe. No one else can ever access your travel card as there is a unique pin created for using every card that is issued by the card providers. As no name is mentioned on the travel money cards, nobody will get an opportunity to misuse your identity on the basis of this card. Moreover, you can also request a replacement card. The total balance in your account will be transferred to your new card.  

Load more money  

If you need more money than what is already deposited in your card, you can add on more money through the internet or your phone. You can reload your card from anywhere in the world. You will just need to provide certain important information details such as card number or your bank account number, and your card will be loaded with top-ups to help you fulfil your financial commitments abroad. This is one of the features that have made prepaid travel card popular.  

Other benefits  

Prepaid travel cards are available in various currencies and can be used almost all over the globe. These cards, especially MasterCard and Visa Card are accepted at all the popular hotels, eating joints, showrooms, and other marketplaces all over the world. So, no matter where you are going for your vacation or commercial visit, these cards are accepted everywhere. You can now shop in any currency you want through these cards with the surety that you will get the best possible exchange rates.  

Tips for Managing Local Currency While Travelling 

Ensure you mix your money. This is best for convenience and also safety. It’s best to take your money with you in a variety of types, so cash, cards and travellers cheques if possible. Not only will this be of convenience to you, as some places may not take one type, favoring the other, but the majority of people tend to keep all of one type in the same place, thus making it v very easy for a thief to run of with everything, or even for you to lose everything in on go accidentally.  

2. Never carry more money than you need, and don’t store all of it in the same place. Rather than constantly travelling with all of your money on you, make use of hotel safes if there are available, and only exchange or withdraw what you’ll actually need. Another point is not to change money on the street. Not only will this make you an easy target for prying eyes, but the charges you’ll incur on the street are normally more than what you what have paid had you changed the money online in advance.  

3. In relation to withdrawing money, it’s a good idea to find out where the local cash machines are located near to where you are travelling, and which of those, if any, charge you for withdrawing your own money. Not only will this save you time and effort, in looking for one when you’ve travelled to your destination, but it could potentially save you money from being charged a fee by the cash machine vendor to get your own money back.  

4. Ensure that if you are taking a variety of cards abroad with you that they all have different pin numbers. If you are unfortunate and do have any items stolen, or are the target of pickpockets, this way you are protecting at least some of your cash.  

5. Last of all, do not take all of your money to the beach with you!!! – As obvious as it may seem, after a night of indulgence in a foreign country sometimes people leave their common sense at home!