Travel Ideas for Couples

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Spending time together is so important when you want to keep the flame alive. This might seem like an obvious thing, and even a bit preachy, but it’s so easy to go on autopilot and get lost in a thicket of work, responsibilities, chores, errands, kids – you know the drill. Pretty soon, you can’t tell when the last time you actually looked into each other’s eyes was!

Why are vacations together so important? Even if it’s just a weekend (although most experts agree that two weeks is ideal for a meaningful getaway) having a moment just to yourselves to catch up offers a chance to remember who you are and why you love being together so much.

So put away your phone. Turn the TV off. Stop browsing, playing games, being distracted and pretend it’s just you and your partner for a while. It might seem strange, but this will turn out to be difficult for those of us who are used to multitasking and checking emails on the go.

To get you started, here is an list of ideas for perfect getaways for just the two of you:

Cancun for Adventurous Couples

While Cancun might bring about visions of parties and Spring Break, don’t let that fool you (although you’d also be very correct). Cancun is a town that was made with vacationers in mind – and they cater to every type of tourist out there, not only party people.

In fact, Cancun is perfect if you want to explore the wilderness, swim with whale sharks (they love hanging around the Yucatan Peninsula) and see amazing ancient ruins, snorkel reefs and explore caves. If this wasn’t exciting enough, there are couples-only and adult-only things you can do here as well.

There are several adult only resorts – because let’s face it, even if you have 6 children and love them with all your heart, you need some time for yourself. Adult time. This includes time without children, kids, teenagers or young adults.

If you are interested in romantic dinners, spa treatments for couples and just letting loose and even a bit naughty, there are multiple resorts geared especially towards letting your inhibitions down and getting romantic. Places like the Cancun Care Temptation Resort will make sure you get in the mood by providing you with the freedom and opportunities to take it off (in the special topless-optional areas, of course!)  and enjoy this self-proclaimed “playground for grownups”.

If you needed a push in the right direction, it might not get any better than that. Maybe you are used to being in a free, liberating environment, but maybe this will be a chance to get in touch with an adventurous side and cross outside of your comfort zone. Not to mention the specially curated foam parties and other fun theme nights. What a way to break boundaries together!

Simply Venice

If you love walking, sightseeing and people watching you may want to try your luck in the other city of love – and it’s not Paris or Verona. It’s Venice, the beautiful jewel nestled in a lagoon surrounded by the warm Adriatic Sea.

Feel like a local in the city of tourists by renting a small flat – you can wander the streets together and enjoy what couples usually do together when they don’t have a care in the world – shop for vegetables at the local outdoor market, sleep in late, have coffee while sunlight filters in and water reflections dance everywhere.

Venice has a thousand things to see, and if you enjoy exploring together, it will bring you close and personal. You can rent an electric boat and get around like a pro even if you don’t have a license. This is sure to make for more romantic moments then we can think of, as you explore the small canals off the main route, and steal kisses in the narrow waterways.

If you want to get some culture and sit close together at the same time, there’s always the Teatro La Fenice. If you don’t usually go to the opera or want a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do so, this is probably the best place in the world to do it. Teatro La Fenice is world famous and considered the most important landmark of Italian Opera. And we all know that Italians take their Opera very seriously.

Venice is one of the best places in the world not only for opera but also for romantic dinners. If you take your time and wander around the city, you will be invited into many establishments to enjoy local fare. This may include pasta with calamari and a bottle of Chianti or Sarde in Saor. When you’re enjoying local seafood with an amazing view of gondolas and boats passing by, there is no other choice but to smile and enjoy this time together. If this doesn’t get your hand to automatically search for you’re partner’s we don’t know what will.

Napa Valley Wine Train and More

If you happen to be anywhere near California and are looking for a romantic weekend getaway (meaning that you don’t have enough time for Venice!) get in that car, plane or bus and get to the Napa Valley, one of the world’s premier wine regions.

This is perfect for those couples that don’t have too much time off in their busy schedules or just need a quick getaway. The Wine Train is sure to become an amazing experience that you will remember always, and want to repeat. It’s a romantic way to mark special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.

You will get a private booth, private label wine, a gourmet dinner, and a romantic ride through what has got to be the most epic and romantic countryside on the West Coast. The trip is long enough to let you enjoy but not too long to make it dull – at 3 hours, you’ll have enough time to enjoy everything including the beautiful golden California sunset.

The Wine Country experience doesn’t have to end when you step off the train. It can continue when you book a package that includes a hotel, and a full day winery tour. Cabs are scarce in these parts, and you can get the fullest Napa experience by going along for these well-organized and chauffeur-driven excursions.

You can explore wineries one day and have an amazing couple’s spa experience the next – the small town of Calistoga is known for its rich springs and mineral mud baths. After a day of wining and dining, you won’t be disappointed.

A Couple Who Glamps Together…

For those of you who really want to leave it all behind, glamping is an amazing option to go rustic, but not quite camping and building a fire with two sticks rustic.

If you don’t know what glamping is, imagine the two words – “glamour” and “camping” fused together. A relatively new concept, it has spread like wildfire across the world, and you can find many romantic spots that are full of nature and solitude, but also a bit of pampering and luxury to add to the mood.

Companies like Canopy and Stars or Glamping Hub are experts at rounding up incredible glamping opportunities. First, you have to ask yourselves what you’d consider the most romantic. The beach? The forest? The desert? The farm? Glamping has got you covered, no matter what it is.

The houseboat – if you want to experience life on the water but with the full luxury of a kitchen and living room, houseboats are a great idea. Imagine watching a sunrise together, wrapped in a blanket at the edge of a river or lake – it will seem like it’s all made for you, and the peaceful sounds of birds and water will relax you and make you want to snuggle forever.

The yurt or tent – there are tons of tent cabins and yurts that offer luxurious sheets and fine wines – but are open to the elements and often offer a view of the stars or ocean. You can find these beauties in places like Olympia National Park, Sonoma, Marfa (Texas), South Dakota, Utah and far off places like Indonesia or Kenya – all with amazing views of forests, ocean, deserts or the savannah.

These will often feel like they were made just for the two of you, and they will make you feel like you’re the only people in the world. And so you should be, at least for a few days!

Romance Matters

We often forget to stop paying attention to all of our distractions and pay attention to what really matters. Putting love on the backburner will not keep it hot – admit it – sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re the most important thing in the world.