Travel And Accommodation Tips For International Students

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When you are sending students abroad for their studies, you need to find accommodations that will help them live comfortably and study hard. There are a few tips listed below that help students get ready for an adventure overseas. You want your students to get a good education, but you also want them to have fun. Read further to learn what can be done to set up amazing accommodations.

How Are The Kids Traveling?

Every student must have a passport to travel abroad. That passport and accompanying documents should be copied so that the student can replace the passport if it is ever lost. You want your kids to have fun when they travel overseas, and they can use their passport to travel across Europe if they like.

You can get a EuroStar pass for the students so that they can take the train to different locations in Europe. Plus, you may want to get a public transit card for each student. Students can take public transit to school instead of walking. This is especially helpful at night when you do not want the kids walking alone in the dark.

How Are The Apartments Or Suites Organized?

Student accommodation Bristol housing units or apartments provide you with space for any number of students. One student can move into a solo room if they have come over for the semester. A large group can move into a suite, or group of students from the same region could all be placed in the same suite.

The suites or apartments should have private bathrooms and a kitchen. Plus, these buildings should have a security desk at the front door and ID cards to keep the students safe. The security desk should have a monitor with security cameras that help to track movement and activity in the building.

How Do The Students Go Home For The Holidays?

When your students need to go home for the holidays, you must consider how they will get to the airport, how they will access their plane tickets, and when they need to leave their suites. Some facilities will shut down for the holidays, but there are others that stay open in case students do not go home.

A public transit card is suggested above, and that public transit card can be used to help the student get to the airport to catch their flight. The students can get to the airport easily, and they can use a phone app to download their tickets. You need to set up the travel for the kids long before they leave so that they are not confused.

How Do You Get The Best Price For Lodging?

You should work with a company that can provide you with a good rate on the apartments or suites that you need for your group. Ask the company if they offer a special rate for your school. You can split the cost of a suite between several families, or you could find a solo apartment rate that will help cut costs when you are sending only one child.


Sending kids overseas to study for a semester or more should be an enjoyable and enlightening experience. You want to give the kids a chance to travel throughout the city and explore their new surroundings. You can give the kids access to the train that will take them to any city in Europe they want to visit, and you can set up travel for them to get home for the holidays. Plus, you can choose any floor plan you, pick a facility that you believe is safe, and save money.

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