Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

There is no denying that sitting on a plane for hours on end can start to get uncomfortable, and then you have the hassle of getting to the airport, checking in, and waiting in the departure lounge to add on top of this. Things only get worse if there is then a flight delay, the flight is too hot or too cold, or you have to pay more for extra luggage allowance. Below, we will take a look at a number of different travel accessories that can help to make your journey a lot easier and more comfortable.

Travel pillow

A travel pillow is a must for all flyers today. Not only can it keep you comfortable during long haul journeys, but also even if you are only taking a short flight, having a travel pillow handy is advised in case of any delays. It will allow you to get some much-needed rest while making sure that you are comfortable and your neck and head is supported. If you are one of those people whose head seems to have a mind of its own while sleeping, your travel pillow should stop you from slouching onto the person next to you.


Laptops are great, but they’re very big, making life uncomfortable for you and the person next to you. So many people today need to use their laptops online, whether for business purposes or to study for their degree. After all, you can even do an online masters degree in nursing today. With free Wi-Fi available on more and more planes, you can do assignments and get some revision in. This is why a notebook (the small laptop, not the paper version!) is advisable, as it is a lot smaller and more manageable.

Document wallets

Not only will you have your flight tickets and your passport with you, but there are plenty of other important documents you may need while going abroad. This includes travel insurance, business documents, visas, and much more. It is important to keep all of this information safe, which is why a document wallet is advised. It’s easy for things to end up everywhere in your bag while you travel, especially when you crouch down and try and pull things from your bag while it is stuffed under the seat in front of you. Not only will a document wallet ensure you don’t lose the most important things, but it will keep all of your papers in perfect condition.

Luggage scales

Are you one of those people that always come back with much more luggage than you went with? If your case is filled with souvenirs, you will want to weigh it before you get to the airport. Some countries and airlines are lenient with case allowance, whereas others will slap on extortionate charges. Luggage scales will allow you to deal with the problem beforehand, by putting items in someone else’s case or even your hand luggage. Simply pre-booking extra weight online is cheaper than paying once you get there. Luggage scales are only small and really easy to carry – they’re not to be confused with the scales that you stand on!


Last but not least, make sure you purchase a lock for your case. This is something a lot of people fail to do, and they are gutted when their case comes along the luggage conveyor and it’s wide open for people to see what is inside. Or, even worse, they open their case to find that something has been stolen!