Tourism and benefits

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Tourism benefits everyone. Tourism is a major industry of every country which has great places for tourist. Tourism not only benefit the economically to the country but it also promote the culture of different counties in the world.

Tourism boosts our economy, employs thousands of people, strengthens our business, and pays for important public services like education and law enforcement. Tourism works every day, for each of us. You can get more information about tourism by visiting

Social advantages

In addition to income, there are incredible cultural benefits of tourism. It can cause pride for local communities, and allow them to see their history, and heritage, and to promote their community identity. It helps the locals maintain their traditions and culture, while also displaying it for all visitors.

The benefit of tourism is what has saved tourists from destroying many local heritage sites besides giving amazing insights into local lifestyle. Tourism can help preserve the history of an area that is in danger of being lost.

Environmental Advantages

Many tourist places have lost their natural environment because of deforestation. But the areas which are promoted for tourism they are save from such loss. The reason is that, the area which have tourist, that place people earn their livelihood through these tourist and those place where tourism is not promoted, the local people earn their livelihood through the sale of natural resources. So we can say that the tourism have saved lots of natural places from loss and promote the living of local people.


Bringing tourists into the community gives it a new life, and creates new services and products for entrepreneurs, or opportunities to create services that are not sustainable based solely on the local population. Tourists are all potential customers, and can be targeted with the right approach to business strategy, which can lead to outstanding success. There is no doubt that tourism is fantastic for the local community.

The key to remember when you are traveling is to be a sustainable tourist, always work to support the cultural diversity of the place you are traveling to, and make sure that you are engaging in such activities. Take part in what will increase the value of the local community.

Never do anything that disturbs the environment and support local and community-owned enterprises that are the focus of the local tourism industry. This course is great for teaching you the best traveler tactics, and as a jet aircraft you will be helping the local economies around the world.   

Source of foreign exchange earnings

Tourism has a great source of foreign exchange earnings. As the foreigners have different currencies and they need the currency of tour related country, so the exchange the currency in the local accepted currency. The converted currency is also used in this country for different purposes like in shopping, travelling, taxpaying and many more purposes. The foreign exchange helps the government for their debts paying and for import of products. So we can say that tourism has a great benefit in the foreign exchange currency.


Tourism creates great familiarity in the different countries people. Every country has different culture and traditions. When tourist visits the different countries they adopt the different culture and tradition of the visited country. It creates the familiarity in different country’s people. It also promotes the one’s country culture world widely.  With making much familiarity you have no problem by visiting as you is update with this enjoinment. So we can say that tourism have a great positive impact of familiarity between different countries.

Business Promotion:

Business is the backbone of every country. If a country have good economic situation and have good business investors, that country will make progress by day and nights. Business is not only run at domestic level but it needs to import and export.

Lots of people make tour of different countries just for their business purpose. Every year numberless festivals and business expos are held in different countries, in which new business ideas and new client relation are introduced.

Tourism also promotes business of different countries and it also increases the export and import. With tourism lots of products and import that are not found in one country but it can be easily import from other country, that all progress is the result of tourism.