Top Wanderlust Inducing Online Slot Games

Travelling has become a lifestyle choice nowadays with people wanting to explore the world and see its beautiful offerings. Whether for business or leisure, a sense of wanderlust is attached to travel that is highly infectious.

From the Amazonian jungles to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, travel is all about embracing spontaneity. However, many reasons often stop us from travelling in real life. It can be our daily work grind, kids and their school, health issues, or money. But this shouldn’t stop us from discovering the planet through many other ways such as TV programs, games, or magazine articles.

Among one of the most popular ways to experience the excitement of travel is through online slot games that revolve around this particular theme. The fact that you can make a pretty awesome profit alongside adds to its charm. What better way to supplement your travel budget than with a jackpot win on the slots, right?

Now, most novice players often are unsure about which online casino to pick in the beginning. Even professionals sometimes need help with information about the best bonuses and offers. BobDealer is the ideal place to check out casino reviews and start with that perfect advantage. With slots, one of the most fun parts is that you can play them while on the move. So, you can be travelling, waiting for your plane to take off, or on a long cross-continent train journey and simultaneously be making money by spinning slots on your mobile. How cool is that now?   

Alaskan Fishing

It is the unique experiences we come across while travelling that makes it so much more enjoyable. Fishing in Alaska needs to be on every adventure enthusiasts bucket list. It is the perfect amalgamation of local culture and thrill, celebrated with pride in the region. Now, while you make plans for the ultimate trip to the North how about indulging in some Alaskan Fishing from the comfort of your home? The 5-reel Microgaming slot has some genuinely amazing symbols that highlight Alaskan fishing wildlife and offers 243 ways to win. There are wild cards aplenty as well as free spins increasing the chances of a win with each turn. 

Alaskan Fishing

Jungle Jim El Dorado

Travel has always been about mixing fantasy with reality and those of us who grew up in the time of Indy’s adventures will adore the fascination around the mythical gold city of El Dorado. Before starting on your winning journey, the best part is that when choosing your online casino, you can opt for an invitation to play at All Slots and make the most of their welcome bonus offers that puts you in the lead even before the first spin. Add to that their loyalty program, mobile app, and a wide variety of games, and you have the complete package that adds absolutely no weight to your travel bags. With Jungle Jim, players get a 5 reel and 25 paylines slot which has entertaining audio and graphics as well as a loveable main character.


There is a mystic charm to Nepal, a country that is surrounded by mountains and also has the highest peak in the world. Kathmandu, its capital, forms the basis of this fantastic Microgaming slot that has 9 paylines and 5 reels. The symbols are classic Nepalese temples, elephants, a map labelling the city, and various letters or numbers. The town which has a strong connection with casinos in general, Kathmandu, the online slot, has a lot of wild symbols, free spins, and an old-world charm to it that makes it a must play for all travel enthusiasts.


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