Top Tips and Tech to Smooth Your Path to Success

Whether long-term traveling around the world or taking shorter, more frequent trips, it’s estimated over 32,000,000 people travelled overseas from the US alone in 2015. With traveling consistently on the rise with more and more people choosing to branch out and explore new places, one specific activity has also increased in popularity too: travel writing.

Writing about travel experiences is a concept many choose to try out, simply because it allows you to re-live your experience and share it with other like-minded people. However, with the world of blogging being more saturated than ever before, it can be difficult to achieve success with travel writing. But, if you’re truly passionate and determined to make your mark in the travel writing world, here are a few tips and useful apps you can use to boost your path to success.

Choose the right locations

As with any form of writing, the content must be engaging and provide value to the reader. So, establish the direction you want your writing to go, and select locations and topics based on that. Then, once you’ve built up some sort of following, go ahead and ask your readers which places they’d like to learn about next!

Staying consistent is essential when trying to make it as a travel writer, and choosing locations that have some sort of theme or trend to them is sure to give you a unique voice your readers will want to hear.

Alarm Clock for Me

When travel writing, it’s crucial to make the most of every single place you visit. If you get lazy and find yourself missing out on important activities or sight-seeing opportunities, your content will suffer.

To counteract this and ensure you’re always refreshed and ready to throw yourself into the experience, Alarm Clock for Me is a great app to help regulate and maintain the best possible sleeping pattern for your system. Available right now on Google Play, this app features an innovative sleep timer that plays white noise or relaxing music to efficiently lull you to sleep. So, if you’re still buzzing from the day’s activities but know you need to wake up bright and early, this feature is a sure-fire method for inducing relaxation and sleep.


By far one of the most popular apps of our generation, Instagram has taken photo sharing to a whole new level. An essential part of travel writing is to have amazing photos, and Instagram is the perfect platform to make your pictures look as good as possible.

Better still, you can even place a link to your Instagram page to any piece you write, giving readers the chance to browse through all your pictures in conjunction with reading your work!

Traveling is often hailed as an important life experience, with more people than ever wanting to branch out into travel writing. But as long as you find your individual voice, make time to do as many fun activities as possible and keep your content consistent, you’re chances of success will be much higher.

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