Top Things to Do in Xiamen

Whereas I’m not so sure whether you’ve been to Xiamen before, I can bet on the fact that you’d want to know what this Garden city on the sea has to offer. Perhaps when you become conversant with some of its gems, you’ll change your mind and wish to during your trip to Xiamen. With its pleasant weather, fascinating seaside sceneries, and varied-style of architecture, Xiamen is with no doubt a must witness gem in China.

The city features so many impressive sights to the extent that you will need to plan your time wisely when visiting to avoid missing some of the most remarkable attractions. Likewise, you will need a to-do list – it will help you to avoid forgetting certain places of interest. If you have never been to Xiamen previously, we understand that you are facing passing through some challenging moments trying to figure out the specific places to explore. But would you kindly allow us to make your work a bit easy? In this post, we will focus on the most appealing tourist spots that every visitor coming to Xiamen must witness.

The Best attraction Sights in Xiamen of All the Time

Whether you are coming to Xiamen alone or bringing your family and friends, the following are some gorgeous attractions that you can’t leave until you witness (if your trip is to termed as complete)


  1. Gulangyu Island

This is allegedly the most visited spots in Xiamen. The island is situated to the south-west end of Xiamen Island, and it faces down across the sea. Once you set your foot in Gulangyu Island;

– you can have fun shopping around,
– visit museums,
– Go for a walking exercise in Haoyue Gardens,
– stare at the spectacular buildings,
– climb rocks,
– go to music museums and have fun playing musical instruments such as piano,
– Taste delicious seafood, e.g. fish balls, oyster omelets etc.
– Sand bathing at the seashore etc.


  1. Witness South Putuo Temple

South Putuo Temple is located close to the foot of the Wulao peak and is one of the most renowned Buddhist Temples, not only in Xiamen but China at large. It’s believed that if you come to this temple and pray, you will have some good luck. You will find locals here turning up in large numbers to worship and pray to the ever-smiling Maitreya for wealth and favor in life. The Great Buddha Hall is home to 3 saints from the west.

Get to know more regarding the history of South Putus Buddha Temple – you can take a guided tour to make your work a bit easier. Ask all the relevant questions you have to your tour guide to make sure that you know everything you wish before exiting the temple.


  1. Take A Bike Ride Along Huandao Road

If you like or if you have some time, you can consider some biking exercises along Huandao Road. Simply look for a place to rent a bike and hit the road. The Huandao Road stretches up to 31 km long, and this is a reasonable cycling distance. Along the road, you will come across beautiful sights such as the grey highway, blue sea, green grass, red track, and golden beach. You can also consider a seaside ride and appreciate the gorgeous sceneries you come across such as; Yefeng Village, Hulishan Fortress, and Wuyuan Bay, among many others.


  1. Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town

The ancient town of Yun Shui Yao is a must-see for any traveler coming to Xiamen. As you head here, you will spot several dotted buildings at the base of the mountain, on an open field, and close to Changjiao River. The River winds past the abandoned village slowly and silently.

On the banks of the Changjiao River, you will witness a cluster of 13 centuries-old trees – the Banyan trees. They are spectacular, and you’d want to capture some photos here to preserve the memory. These Banyan trees are so giant to the extent that it’d take approximately ten adults holding hands to hug the bottom of these trees to cover its diameter. One Banyan tree is approximated to cover an area of up to 1,933 sq2. You can find such a tree anywhere else other than in Yun Shui Yao ancient town.


  1. Wanshi Botanical Garden

The other name of Wanshi Botanical Garden is Xiamen Botanical Garden. It’s situated to the southeast corner of Xiamen on the northern edge of Shi Mountain. The Garden was designed perfectly around Madanyan Reservoir in 1952. It features more than twenty botanical zones, display rooms, cultivating grounds, etc. One of the most iconic features you will discover here includes the “Morning Bell of Heaven”, Peace Stone, Music Cave, Jade Scepter Rock, and Cloud Locking Stone among other impressive things.


  1. Oversea Chinese Museum

The oversea Chinese Museum in Xiamen is situated at the base of Fengchao Hill. It’s a comprehensive museum that displays the deep history of overseas Chinese. As the name suggests, the construction of the museum was pioneered by overseas Chinese. The founder of this magnificent museum was a famous Chinese philanthropist known as Chen Jiageng. It covers an area of up to up 3,000 sq2 and displays over 7000 exhibits. Some unique exhibitions here include; Technological achievements relating to Chinese agriculture, unearthed mummies, Inner-Mongolian-Folk Relics, etc.


  1. You Can Miss a Taste of food in Xiamen

Xiamen is one of the cities in the world where eating isn’t a problem. You will find a variety of meals with unique flavors and memorable tastes. You enjoy either snacks or dinner dishes.

Some of the meals to taste in Xiamen include:

– Shacha Miam or “Satay Noodles”
– Hailijian or Oyster Omelette
– Xianbing or “stuffed Crepes.”
– Zhaoxiang
– Yuwantang – “Fish Ball Soup” etc

When you visit Xiamen, make sure that you taste these Xiamen foods. You will hardly find them elsewhere, so try not to miss them.



The above are some hot tourist destinations in Xiamen that you should visit in 2020 and beyond. You would be doing yourself a great favor if you chose to visit Xiamen as soon as possible.