Top Seven Places to See On Your Journey To India

Hugely traditional but impeccably surprising, India is one destination that is on the bucket list for every traveller at one point in time or another. They might travel to Agra to come face-to-face with the majestic Taj’s glory or wander around the royal and elaborate places around Rajasthan.

Some may even come to the country to explore Rishikesh and Darjeeling’s jaw-dropping landscapes or Goa’s picture-perfect beaches. India is also home to big cities, such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi, wherein each of them has its own distinctive personality.

In reality, it is almost impossible for you to get bored exploring the colourful streets, spectacular markets, and the temples of India’s most significant urban center.

One of the most challenging aspects of traveling to India is deciding what to see on this journey. Why? Because typically, you have a lot to explore.

So, regardless of whether you go on a luxe vacation or a simple backpacking trip, it is pivotal for you to be aware of some of the best places to see in India.

Let us address these places one by one.



‘Kashmir is one of India’s most incredible places and is a must-visit for the visitor,’ comments Stevie, a reviewer who wrote the best oster clippers review. 

Kashmir truly is a place known for its spectacular natural beauty and is indeed the Heaven on Earth. Given the lush green orchids, picturesque lakes, deodars and pine forests, verdant meadows, all enveloped with the Himalayan mountains and the Pri-Pangal ranges, Kashmir indeed look like a place out of a postcard.

The spectacular Kashmir valley attracts honeymooners, family vacationers, nature lovers, and even friends. In addition to its impeccable sightseeing opportunities, Kashmir also presents a bunch of adventure activities, such as skiing, trekking, and river rafting, along with recreational activities, such as angling and fishing, along with some spa and wellness activities. To enjoy all this and more, book Kashmir tour packages to enjoy all elements of this paradise. Food lovers and shopaholics will love Kashmir all the more because the place will spoil you with options.


Goa is unarguably the party hub of India. It is truly one of the first places that most people decide to visit on their travel to India. A lot of young people in their twenties regularly travel to Goa for its beach shacks, immense variety in the booze, dirt cheap prices, and incredible nightlife.

The fact of the matter is, Goa is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations in India, and that is what will make your journey to Goa even more memorable.


‘If there was only one symbol that could represent the whole of India, then it has to be the Taj,’ comments Farah, a reviewer with MyPlumbersChoice, who did the best no clog toilets review.

Well, the Taj is truly one monument, which easily inspires millions of tourists to pack their bags and visit the city. Many Indians visit the beautiful Taj almost every year. When here, you should wake up before dawn to experience the magnificent structure radiate during the sunrise.

However, in all honesty, Agra tops the list of best places to see in India for reasons, which go beyond this one of the world’s seven wonders.

This Uttar Pradesh city has a bunch of spectacular Mughal monuments, such as the Akbar’s Mausoleum and Itimad-ud-Dualah’s Tomb, decked into the magnificent inlaid marble designs from top to bottom. Furthermore, tourists can also explore another one of the best World Heritage Site – The Agra Fort. When this place is full of so many wonders in only one place, this city should certainly be on top of your list when traveling to India.



Riding a bike to Ladakh along with your friends can feel like one of the most surreal experiences. However, be warned, this road trip will push the two of you to extreme mental and physical endurance limits.

If nothing, this trip will strengthen the bond between you two. Ladakh is home to several mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful terrains and is unquestionably one of the top places to see in India.


Known as the dazzling city, Rishikesh is one place, which truly has a lot on offer. Rishikesh is also known as the Yoganagari, that is, the Yoga Capital of the Country. This quaint city is famous for its sanctity, bountiful beauty, the multitude of adventure options, and several impeccable places to see,’ comments Stepheny, a reviewer who did the best fertilizers for citrus trees review.

Rishikesh is also called the ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas. The place is endowed with the Garhwal Himalayas and the holy Ganges. As one of the ancient Indian cities, it is truly a must-visit for people coming to India. Speaking about the places to see in and around the city, the city has a long list to keep the visitors busy.

It is also one of the best travel destinations for people who enjoy adventure and water sports. While here, do not miss out on river rafting, which is the most famous sport here. Surrounded with pious ghats, sacred temples, evergreen forests, and tranquil ashrams, this serene city truly has something for all kinds of travellers.


Rajasthan is located in North-west India and borders Pakistan on its left. It is the home to the famed Thar desert. ‘Regardless of your interest in the Aravallis or the Rajput history, Rajasthan seems like a complete potpourri of flavours and is indeed one of the best places to see in India,’ points out Jessica, an educator who offers online CDR report writing. 

The Pink City, Jaipur, is Rajasthan’s capital city and is a great place to start your journey. It is home to mesmerizing architecture and has three forts, the spectacular City Palace, and several temples. When in Rajasthan, travel to Jodhpur, the Blue City, the Gateway to the Thar Desert, and is home to the Mehrangarh Fort.


Varanasi is one of the oldest and the most persistently inhabited cities, not in India, but the whole world. It is also one of the holiest places in the country. Most of the spiritual activities here occur alongside the sacred river, the Ganges, where the pilgrims take a holy dip, and the mourners cremate their deceased relatives. Tourists will enjoy watching the Hindu chanting ceremonies, floral blessings floating on the river, and the sunrise boat rides.