Top 9 Places to Visit in Kashmir on your Honeymoon, 2021

It is the honeymoon phase that every couple wants to enjoy after their wedding. Love is in the air, the pleasant climate, and looking into one another’s eyes. This is the ideal place for newlyweds who want to enjoy their love journey in the best natural beauty of India Kashmir. You can make priceless memories together in Kashmir by visiting beautiful places for your honeymoon.

Are you thinking of planning your Kashmiri honeymoon and looking for Kashmir Honeymoon Packages? This stunning land is the ideal place to start your love story. You can share many memorable moments in Kashmir together, as it is where your hearts are one. You can enjoy lovey-dovey rendezvous with the beautiful scenery of Kashmir.

Here are the Best Kashmir Honeymoon Destinations for Couples!

  • Gulmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Sonamarg
  • Zanskar
  • Patnitop
  • Srinagar
  • Bhaderwah
  • Aru Valley
  • Baramulla


These are the perfect places for couples to share their love in Kashmir’s most beautiful locations. Continue reading to discover the most beautiful places in Kashmir where you can celebrate your honeymoon. Take your lover with you to these beautiful places and create a memorable honeymoon album.

1) Gulmarg: Beautiful Gift of Nature

It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Kashmir. The area is well-known for its beautiful natural wonders as well as its pleasant weather. Beautiful memories can be made for a lifetime. The hill station has a beautiful view of green meadows in summer and offers the opportunity to ski while taking in views of snow-capped mountains or frozen lakes during winter. Gondola Gulmarg offers everything you need to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Gulmarg’s stunning landscapes will amaze you. They offer breathtaking views that will add an extra dimension to your romantic vacation. It is a beautiful place to honeymoon in Kashmir, with its snowcapped mountains and lush greenery.

Romantic things to do in Gulmarg:

  • Enjoy Skiing.
  • Relish the surrounding on snowboarding.
  • Trek to Pir Panjal Range together.
  • Try your hand at mountain biking.
  • Observe Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve.
  • Playing Golf with your partner.
  • Enjoy a natural view by riding on Seven Springs.

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg: This destination is accessible throughout the year. You can see snow from October through March, while lush greenery is best from April through May.


2) Pahalgam: Scenery of Paradise

Pahalgam is the best place to experience Kashmir’s romantic vibes while on honeymoon. This beautiful hill station is perfect for holding hands and looking into one another. This idyllic vacation spot is where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of Betaab Valley and Aru Valley.

The hill station is filled with green meadows, greenery and stunning landscapes that will make you want to stay here for a while. Pahalgam has many tourist attractions that will keep you busy on your romantic journey. Baisaran and Tulian Lakes, Betaab Valley, Aru Valley and Shesh are just a few of the places you can enjoy a great time with your partner. The picturesque valley and the surrounding mountains make this a great place to have your honeymoon.

Romantic things to do in Pahalgam

  • Enjoy camping under the sky.
  • Relish the thrill with water rafting.
  • Experience horse riding.
  • Feel the Water waves by indulging in canoeing.
  • Enjoy trekking together to indulge in adventure.
  • Trout fishing at Lidder River.

Best Time to Visit Pahalgam: Pahalgam is best visited between March and November because of the pleasant climate for both outdoor activities and sightseeing.



3) Sonamarg- Meadows of Gold

Sonmarg is a romantic place to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon. It boasts beautiful valleys and breathtaking lakes. On your Sonmarg vacation, you can fish for trout and see beautiful meadows. The stunning views from the tops of the meadows will be awe-inspiring, with beautiful lakes such as Gangabal, Vishansar and Krishnasar.

These lakes are a must-see on your honeymoon in Kashmir. Sonmarg’s Nilagard stream, which joins the Sind River, is an impressive feature that makes it stand out. It offers a breathtaking view that will amaze you and provide a wow factor. This is Baltal Valley, and you can explore this beautiful green water and frozen lakes. Does this sound interesting? Yes! You will be charmed by Sonmarg. These activities and other attractions make it a popular destination for honeymoons in Kashmir.

Romantic things to do in Sonmarg

  • A pump adrenaline rush with white water rafting.
  • Trek to Machoi Peak, Amarnath Peak, and Kolahoi Peak.
  • Admire the natural surrounding.
  • Explore the Lakes of Sonmarg.

Best Time to Visit Sonmarg: The best time to see Sonmarg and enjoy its beauty is between April and October


4) Zanskar- A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Adventurists

This beautiful semi-desert area is a great place to honeymoon in Kashmir. It’s surrounded by natural beauty and is a wonderful spot for couples. Zanskar is known for its beautiful landscapes and snowcapped mountains. This place is known for its ethereal beauty, Pensi La Pass and Zanskar River.

If you want to add a touch of adventure to your romantic trip, then you can not miss this destination as you will get numerous things to do in Zanskar that you can enjoy with your better half and make this Love-Dovey journey eventful.


Romantic things to do in Zanskar

  • A walk to Main Market.
  • Experience unique Frozen Trek.
  • Feel the spirituality by Visiting Monasteries.
  • Soak your Soul in the mesmerizing view of Sangam Point.

Best time to Visit Zanskar: Between June and September is the best time to be in Zanskar.


5) Patnitop- Behold the Beauty of Shivalik Range

Patnitop offers a mix of beautiful meadows and breathtaking views, as well as thrilling activities. There are many options to make your winter honeymoon in Patnitop unforgettable. This beautiful hill station is known for its skiing and breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Patnitop, this place has something to offer you.

The ancient Naag Mandir can be blessed, and you can also soak in spirituality. It is surrounded by lush forests, natural beauty, thriving green sceneries, making it a perfect destination for a honeymoon in Kashmir. You and your partner may be adventurous and want to experience the most beautiful moment in your life. You will fall in love with your partner when the beauty and perfection of nature surround you.


Romantic things to do in Patnitop

  • Enjoy Birdwatching.
  • Enthralling experience of skiing.
  • Spend some time in Kud Park for greenery and flowers.
  • Make eye contact in the air while enjoying paragliding.
  • Trek together to make your bond stronger.
  • Shopping together and collecting souvenirs.
  • Enjoy scenic calmness through a nature walk.


Best Time to Visit Patnitop: October through February are the best months to enjoy Patnitop’s exceptional beauty and comfort.


6) Srinagar-Plunge into Captivating Beauty

Srinagar, a city nestled along the banks of the Jhelum River, offers the surreal beauty and tranquillity of nature that newlyweds can experience blissfully as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. This is a romantic destination in Kashmir that redefines romance and offers beauty everywhere. This trip allows you to see the most beautiful views of nature and take a ride on the charming Shikaras along the famous Nagin Lake or Dal Lake. There are so many things to do in Srinagar, from trekking to famous spots to visiting the magnificent Hazratbal Mosque.

It will be a joy to discover every detail and all the beauty scattered around. You will be amazed at the beauty of Shalimar Bagh and Shankaracharya Temple, Apple Orchards, Pari Mahal, Shankaracharya Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, Pari Mahil, Tulip Garden, as well as the migratory birds found in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary. You can enjoy a romantic walk in the Mughal Garden with your partner after exploring Srinagar’s attractions. You can find adventure, shopping, and dining all within your reach here. To make this wonderful trip unforgettable, don’t forget to visit the old city monuments.


Romantic things to do in Srinagar

  • Trek together to some famous points.
  • Taste some popular local cuisines.
  • Spend some time in an impressive houseboat.
  • Feel the air with paragliding.
  • Birdwatching At Manasbal Lake.
  • Enjoy shopping and strolling in the local market.

Best Time to visit Srinagar: This beautiful spot can be visited throughout the year. You can visit the Valley between April and October to see its blossoms.


7) Bhaderwah-A Hub for Thrilling Activities

Bhaderwah, also known as Mini Kashmir, is a great place to honeymoon in Kashmir. This destination is a great place to plan your honeymoon. It’s surrounded by lush green landscapes, endless grasslands, and beautiful views.

The destination is located in the Himalayas foothills and boasts a variety of fauna and flora, dense forests, sparkling lakes and rocky terrain. Bhadergaw is a great place for newlyweds. It has something that will suit your needs perfectly. You should visit Seoj Meadow and Padri as part of your Kashmir honeymoon. Enjoy the fresh air and make your trip unforgettable.

Romantic things to do in Bhaderwah

  • Trekking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Enjoy white water rafting and Kayaking in Neeru & Dondi streams.
  • Camping in Panchtarni and Lidderwat.

Best time to visit Bhaderwah: Bhaderwah is best visited between March and November. If you wish to experience snowfall, however, your trip should be planned between November and April.


8) Aru Valley-Stunning Vistas

Aru Valley, which is located in the Anantnag region of Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the most beautiful honeymoon spots. It reflects Jammu’s natural beauty at its finest. You will discover the beauty of Aru valley in many ways during your romantic trip. Its beauty is defined by its lush meadows, beautiful lakes, and majestic mountains.

It is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Kashmir. The best thing to do in Aru Valley on a honeymoon is to trek to Tarsar Lake and Kolahoi Glacier. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views and create unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It is a great place to honeymoon in Kashmir.


Romantic things to Do in Aru Valley

  • Take horse rides.
  • Enjoy a picnic.
  • Skiing & Heliskiing.
  • Capture some sweet moments by photography.
  • Fishing together in the Aru River.
  • Hold the hands of each other and enjoy sightseeing.


Best time to visit Aru Valley: July through September are the best months to see the sights and take a romantic trip to Aru Valley.


9) Baramulla- Experience Natural Endowments 

This is one of the most beautiful districts in Kashmir. It has a magical natural endowment that makes it a place where lovers will enjoy golden moments. This place is a must-see if you’re planning a honeymoon in Kashmir. A short drive from Uri can take you to a romantic picnic and allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Both of you can have a great time spotting birds at Manasbal Lake. You will also make memories that will last a lifetime. Honeymooners can review and capture Wular Lake’s breathtaking views, which is the largest freshwater lake in Asia. This place is a wonderful addition to your romantic getaway.


Romantic things to do in Baramulla

  • Behold the beauty of Alpather Lake
  • Get a spa therapy at
  • Soak in the calm environment at Dal Lake
  • Birdwatching


Best time to Visit Baramulla

Baramulla’s best time to visit is between April and July. However, if you’re interested in skiing, mark your attendance on the first winter days.


Enjoy your honeymoon in Kashmir’s beautiful locations. These romantic and beautiful destinations offer the best of all: climate, sights, attractions, activities, and romantic moments. What are you waiting to do? You can plan your honeymoon in Kashmir and bring your bags to share a memorable experience with your partner.