Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive gopro travel Videos

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Since its launch in 2002 GoPro has gone through many changes. It is now a constant part of every traveler. These tiny and powerful cameras are suitable for taking great POV shots of all of your wild and crazy adventures. The quality of the video captured from such a small device is also surprising as it can range from 1080p to the highest 4k depending on the model of the camera.

Plan ahead

It’s always important to plan first about the type of video you are making. Always make sure the batteries are charged and that there’s enough space in your memory card. It never hurts to carry a spare set of batteries and a memory card. Choose the perfect location and decide what type of shots and angles you want. Planning is half of the work, and the other half is how well you execute the plan. So before starting anything plan properly in your head and follow it accordingly. Every good video tells a story. You need to figure out what story you want to write before you show it to everyone.

Choosing the proper gear

GoPro now has a range of accessories to make your videos look spectacular and energetic. You should try to take advantage of all these extra tools. For example, if you want to make a video of you diving underwater you could use a head-mount so that your hands are free. Try using an external stabilizer if your video keeps coming out shaky. GoPro comes with a built-in image stabilizer but these external devices are made to ensure your videos are smooth and stable. Drones are very popular in taking landscape shots. While some of these accessories may be on the more expensive side, these are worth looking into if you are planning to get serious about making travel videos.

Get creative

Well, this is really a no brainer. You need to get creative in terms of the contents you make. Work with multiple angels, use multiple shots and blend them into each other, use an appropriate soundtrack to induce emotional connection, in short, you need to make those who are watching feel like they are with you in person. You could also use natural light to your advantage. The same location can look entirely new when shot at a different time of the day. You need to use the natural light and ambiance of the environment as well as learn to use external light sources, if necessary, to get your desired clip. Let your imagination run wild while shooting and edit the videos at a later time. Try to pass on your own emotion that you feel in your travels through your videos.

Use cinematic tools

There are some super handy tools available in GoPro to make your videos look more dynamic and cinematic. Slow-motion videos are super popular for capturing a very action packed scene or creating suspense. You can use slow motion effects to bring more attention to a specific action or detail. Imagine a simple video clip where you throw a small stone into a river shot in slow motion. You would be able to see the ripple that the water creates as the stone hits the surface of the water. This sort of cinematic effect can make your videos look even more stunning.

Time-lapse is another useful tool found in the GoPro. Time-lapse is a handy technique used to capture shots over long periods of time when elements in your scene are moving slowly. Some most popular time-lapse scenarios include sunrise, sunset, traffic, clouds, stars, etc.

Edit your clips

Perhaps, the most important part of making travel video is learning to edit them properly. After taking all the necessary clips you need to sit down, download the videos to your laptop and desktop and arrange them in the right order. Picking out the proper soundtrack to set the mood of the video is very important. Editing video can be a very daunting task. There are many GoPro video editor services available online that you can also check out if you don’t want to take the hassle. The quality of your travel video depends on how polished and well edited the final product is. So never compromise when it comes to finishing the final edit.

End of the day it all comes down to you and the story you want to tell. If you follow the tips mentioned above and also keep an open mind to your surroundings you should be fine. It’s important to enjoy what you are doing while making a video.  So remember to have fun and enjoy traveling.

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