Top 10 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas

Are you trying to find the perfect location for your next vacation? Las Vegas is a city that just can’t be beat; it’s an all-inclusive retreat that has everything that you could desire. From the glitzy hotels to the wide expanse of the open desert, there’s certain to be something that will appeal to just about anyone.

1. The Fantastic Food

Apart from the fantastic hotel food, Las Vegas is also home to Le Monde De Joel Robuchon, a 3-star Michelin restaurant that is worth the trip in itself. But make sure that you get a reservation early — this restaurant fills up fast. (Couldn’t get a reservation? Don’t worry, there are many other gourmet restaurants available throughout the city.)
Le Monde De Joel Robuchon

2. Galleries and Museums

Are you an art buff? Then you’re going to absolutely love the galleries and museums of Las Vegas. They may be a little off the beaten path (and a little hard to find), but that just adds to their charm.
Las vegas museums to visit

3. Luxury Accommodation

It probably goes without saying that Las Vegas has some of the most gorgeous hotels in the world. From Caesar’s Palace, with its gorgeous Roman-inspired decor, to the ultra-modern Aria, every hotel in Las Vegas is a feast for the senses. Las Vegas is a great place to go if you never want to leave your hotel room. Can’t decide on where to stay? The Readers’ Choice Awards may be able to give you some inspiration.
Aria hotel Vegas

4. World Famous Casinos

Gambling is elevated to an art form in Las Vegas, where you can pop into one of a dozen casinos just by strolling down the street. Whether you enjoy poker or slots machines, you could spend weeks just exploring the strip’s casinos alone. Just make sure that you get in enough practice! Have a pre-Vegas poker game with your friends to brush up on your skills, or practice your poker online while you wait for your flight out.
Poker tables in Las Vegas

5. Family Fun

Las Vegas isn’t just a place for adults anymore. In fact, in recent years it’s become the perfect place for a family vacation. Attractions such as M&M’s world and the Shark Reef Aquarium are made for family fun, so don’t think you need to ditch the kiddies to head to the city.
Shark Reef Las Vegas

6. The Round-the-Clock Atmosphere

Do you really want to get the most out of your vacation time? Then Vegas is the place for you. There is no time in Vegas: whether it’s 3:00 AM or 3:00 PM, the city never sleeps. And if you’re a night owl, even better; the city really gets going after midnight.

7. The Wedding Opportunities

Sure, you may not want to get married by Elvis — but you can still have a fantastic and affordable wedding in Las Vegas. From the quirky weddings held atop a mock-up pirate ship to the surprisingly classy weddings held in the upscale hotels, you have more than enough options. Even better, most locations sell full wedding packages, so you won’t be surprised by additional costs.
Las vegas wedding options

8. The Golf

Some of the best golf courses in the world reside in and around the Las Vegas strip, just ask your concierge about getting a game in at one of the more exclusive courses. And in the lovely Nevada weather, you’ll be able to play practically any time of day.

I don’t know what’s with poker but every time this discipline comes up I cannot stop thinking about this lovely scene:

9. The Shows

Enough cannot be said about the remarkable variety of shows that come through Vegas on a daily basis. Comedy shows, cirque productions, concerts and other events are non-stop in the City of Sin. Take in a magic show, see Elton John perform live or laugh along to Sinbad in any one of the fantastic Las Vegas venues.

10. The Great Outdoors

There are five absolutely gorgeous national parks near Las Vegas, through which you can go hiking, four-wheeling or even enjoy a scenic helicopter ride. If you aren’t big on the nightlife, that doesn’t mean Las Vegas isn’t still the perfect place for you. You can bask in the luxury of the hotel room until you’re ready to go out and about in the lovely Nevada desert.
Nevada desert landscape

With all of the above in mind, why would you ever go anywhere else? Whether you want to party all night or just tuck into a good meal, Las Vegas is certain to deliver an experience that you’ll remember for years.

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