Tips for traveling to Canada for the first time

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries, offering plenty of attractions and exciting things to see.

It is a very diverse country where every traveler can find something interesting to do. Main tourist places to visit in Canada include the biggest cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa, all very popular and widely known for their rich culture, plenty of beautiful national parks, and historical landmarks.

Nature lovers and ski enthusiasts will also find Canada very attractive. The country is full of mountains, scenic forests, and beautiful lakes where you can go hiking, camping, skiing, or just enjoying nature.


Preparing For Your First Trip To Canada

Good preparation is the key to ensuring having the safest and most relaxing vacation possible. Knowing a few things in advance will certainly help you a lot when you travel to Canada, as your trip will go more smoothly.

The following are some essential things to know before you visit Canada.


  • Check Visa requirements

Obtaining a visa to enter Canada is a must for many nationalities in the world. Applying and getting a visa is usually a straightforward process, requiring potential visitors to apply online. The whole process is affordable and relatively quick, so this is the first step to take.

Visit and apply online within a few minutes from home. Approved eTA to Canada will arrive at your e-mail address and directly connect to your passport.


  • Prepare for harsh weather and pack accordingly 

Canada is a large country, and climates differ from one region to another. Regardless of where you plan to go to Canada, always pack good winter boots and warm clothing. Sometimes weather conditions can change very rapidly, so it is always good to be prepared.


  • Learn Canada’s emergency numbers

911 is the standard number for emergencies, but there are also other numbers, like 311, which you can dial for non-emergencies in certain parts of Canada.


  • Carry some amount of cash with you

Of course, carrying a credit or debit card is safer, but having a small amount of cash at all times is advisable. This is because some rural places do not have ATMs, or you may travel great distances for the next ATM. To avoid that, have some cash ready for emergency spending.


  • Get informed about safety protocols for visiting national parks and ski areas

Outdoor activities can also bring different dangers, so learn all details about which things to avoid and what to pay attention to before you go skiing, snowboarding, or hiking in Canada’s national parks.


  • Learn some French words and phrases

This can be very handy if you visit the province of Quebec, where the French language is the official language. Of course, most people speak English well, but learning a few basic phrases and words can help you if you find yourself in need of speaking with the locals.



Canada has a wide range of natural, cultural, rural, and urban beauties. British Colombia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec, and many other parts have their specific charm and unique attractions.

Friendly people, lots of attractions, and picturesque landscape make Canada one of the world’s best countries to visit.