Tips For A More Luxurious RV Experience on The Road

Getting into RV travel is fun for the entire family, but it can often be a rather non-glamorous experience. However, there are many things you can do to spruce up your RV and make your vacation a five-star experience. By following our top tips, your camper will get the makeover it desperately needs.

1.  Update your kitchen

Many people use disposable dishes when on the road and it’s understandable – you can just chuck it into the bin after use. Though it may be more convenient, it is a practice that can really lessen the dining experience in your camper. Real silverware and regular plates are much more sustainable, plus they can make you feel like you’re at a high-end restaurant. Be careful to store them properly so they don’t break while your RV is in motion.

2.  Redecorate your living space

Installing new vinyl flooring can revamp your RV’s interior. There are many different patterns out there but we recommend vinyl which looks like wooden flooring. Another thing you can do is put up stick-on wall tiles to glam up your kitchen area. When it comes to seating, everyone could benefit from adding some new cozy cushions! Also, don’t be afraid of home decor items – gorgeously framed photos or macrame pieces can update your RV’s look with little to no effort.

3.  Update your heating option

There’s nothing less luxurious than freezing in your camper. This is why it’s crucial to have the best 12v heater for campervan on the market. You can find some great options by Webasto, for example. Staying warm even on the coldest of winter nights has never been easier!

4.  Get a new TV

Most campers come with outdated TV sets installed which is why one of the best ways to doll up your RV is to get a modern flatscreen. When choosing a TV you have to make sure that it can properly fit your living area, you don’t want it to be a nuisance during your vacation. An additional benefit of a good TV is that you can keep your young ones busy during the longer rides.

5.  Invest in a sound system

If you enjoy listening to music while you drive, a proper sound system is a must-have. Nothing is more annoying than bad speakers, especially if you’re used to headbanging every waking hour. This is why you should invest in a high-end sound system. Just make sure you pick speakers which have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect them to your smart device. Once you follow our tip, there will be never ending dance parties in your RV!

6.  Get a signal booster

To modernize your camper experience, you should think about installing a signal booster into your RV. Nowadays, we’re so used to being connected all the time that one weekend trip without adequate reception can feel like torture. Of course, having a signal at all times is also important for safety and GPS. There are many boosters that only improve your cell reception, but we recommend you gear up with a WiFi booster too. Though most campgrounds will provide you with the Internet, it’s oftentimes extremely slow and headache-inducing to use. We all know you can’t feel luxe without fast internet access

7.  Choose top locations

What will truly take your trip to the next level is to plan it with top locations in mind. No one can feel glamorous in a worn-down campsite, which is why it’s crucial to research your destination well before you embark on your RV journey. Many campsites offer luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, fine dining, and even spa treatments.