Three Kings Parade in Fuengirola, Spain – My review

If you are lucky enough to be on your holidays in the Costa del Sol in early January you can enjoy all the benefits of the sunny weather and also join in on the festive celebrations of the Three Kings Parade in Fuengirola.

When is the Three Kings parade?

The Three Kings parade is held during the evening on the 5th of January. The children look forward to the 6th as this is when they open their presents. The festive parade celebrates the visit of Kings Melchior, Caspar and Baltazar. The Three Kings who brought baby Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to his stable.

Although Spain has accepted the idea of Father Christmas it’s the traditional Three Kings Parade which creates all the buzz and excitement for the children. The Three Kings parade is celebrated across the Costa del Sol in different towns but if you want to experience one of the most impressive displays then head to Fuengirola’s Three Kings parade.

How to get to it

The best way to get to the parade is to take a taxi and get dropped off at the Three Horses ‘Tres Caballos’ roundabout in Fuengirola. All the taxi drivers will know this landmark. Driving is not recommend as traffic will be bad and parking will be difficult.

From the Three Horses roundabout head down towards the seafront until you arrive at the street ‘Ramos Y Carvajal’. If you want a good spot make sure you arrive for 6.00pm. You will know you have arrived at the right place for the parade as there will be plenty of people lining the streets. The parade which normally passes at about 6.30pm.

three kings paradeArriving at 6.00pm allows you to secure a good place for the Parade

If you have arrived a little too early a visit to the Ice Cream Café is sure to offer some much need refreshments for the children and adults. Outside the exterior of the café has been designed to look like an Alpine Lodge, even the roof has a covering of snow! However, inside there are treats galore to be indulged. A massive selection of colourful ice creams tease the eyes including the ‘Resolution Breaker’ which is certainly not for the calorie conscious. They also serve a choice of hot and cold drinks along with beers, wines and spirits. You can relax inside on comfy chairs or head to the large terrace.

where to get ice creamThe Ice Cream Café boasts an amazing selection of ice creams

best ice cream in Fuengirola

Relax on the large terraces at the Ice Cream Café and indulge in a Resolution Breaker

As the parade start time nears the police escort provides a 5 minute warning. At the front of the parade you will see the Three Kings followed by the brightly illuminated floats, each are colourful and themed with well known large characters from Shrek, Star Wars, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Cinderella, Tinkerbell and many more.

best festival in europeThere are approximately 30 colourful themed floats

The floats are full of local children having great fun throwing handfuls of sweets into the crowds. The people lining the street are covered in showers of sweets. The children not lucky enough to be part of the parade come armed with bags, boxes and even helmets to collect as many sweets as possible. The sound of the sweets can be heard bouncing off the kids helmets as the floats pass by.

what to see in spainArmed with bags, boxes and helmets the children pickup as many sweets as possible

best festival in spainThe huge Goofy Walt Disney character and many more themed floats can be seen

The Three Kings parade takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. You can stay out for the night or make your way to the nearest taxi rank which can be found at the Fuengirola train or bus stations. A short ride home to your holiday villa and you can relax for the evening after experiencing how the Spanish celebrate the Three Kings Parade.

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