Things to do in The New Forest

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight’s popular family attractions is the New Forest.

This is an amazing place for families and other individuals to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun.

Here’s some things to do in this area.

About the New Forest

This area features rolling Heats, ancient Woodlands, and a coastline that’s unspoiled. Area is an amazing place that you’ll want to see. It has many natural attractions and a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy. There’s things here for history buffs, those looking for thrills, adventure, and other fun activities. Nature lover intends to land on the maximum natural places, BBC can give you valuable information regarding natural places like parks and forests.

the New Forest travel advice

On thing that you can do in this area is to explore it by bicycle. You can spend the entire day here just cycling around. There’s a large set of various trails that you can explore. There’s a cycling company that will cover all of your biking needs including route advice, bike hire, sales, service and, and bicycle repairs.  You’ll find other activities here such as archery, bushcraft, kayaking, and canoeing.

The Forest

The other things to do in this areaincluding viewing the natural wildlife in this area. You’ll be able to see the animals in this area in their natural surroundings when you go to the Wildlife Park which is located near Ashurst.  There’s many trails to explore and you’ll discover some interesting information about the various animals that you see.

Located near Ashurst you’ll find the Longden Activity Farm. You can take the family here for an entire day and enjoy some farm animals and take part in various activities. You’ll be able to feed several animals and there’s a trampoline barn and play areas for the children to explore. To study the history of this area, you can go to the museum which is in Lyndhurst. This museum is free to enter and there’s a gallery there which has a wide range of exhibits for the entre family for you to view. You learn about the people in the area, the history of the area, and the various traditions about these ancient woodlands. This area of the country is an amazing place to visit and you’re sure to enjoy your stay here.

Other Attractions

There’s other thing to do in the area as well. You could go to Beaulieu where you find the National Motor Museum and Palace House.  this area is quite famous and there’s a great collection of motorcycles, and various vehicles here. if you enjoy motoring memorabilia, you’ll have a great time looking at all the displays.

You could also ride the monorail and then explore the Victorian Gothic Country House. In Buckler’s Hard which is near Beaulieu, you’ll find a ship building village from the18th century.  You can go along the Beaulieu River in a boat trip. On the other river side there’s a steam Railway and the Exbury Gardens for you to visit. The gardens feature a wide selection of flowers.

There’s many things to do in the New Forest. You’re going to enjoy your stay in this area and have a lot of fun. There’s things here to do for the entire family and it’s a great area to explore on your own.