The Ultimate Travel Style Guide for Your Next Holiday

There is no debate about the fact that traveling is exciting. It not only gives you a chance to explore new places, but also enables you to take a break from a tiring monotonous routine, unwind yourself and come back home with a much-needed system reboot. Interestingly, in the recent past, fashion and lifestyle rage has taken over everything we do.

Whether you are attending a prom or a wedding or going to work or for grocery, there is a style radar in place to evaluate your fashion sense and most fashionistas prefer abiding by it. Like everything else, traveling has largely emerged as a lifestyle symbol too. Also, the traveling style is not merely related to flying first class and staying in luxury hotels, but also carrying yourself while on the holiday.

The way you carry yourself throughout the trip, starting from the airport speaks volumes about your lifestyle, fashion sense, and personality in general. If you are someone who prefers being high in the style game while you travel, here is a quick guide that will help you on your next trip.


The Right Luggage

As weird as it may sound to you, your luggage is a key element of your travel style. When you are traveling, your luggage has the same fashion significance as your handbag on a regular day. Generally, you would look for convenience and durability when opting for a piece of luggage, which is okay. However, while you evaluate a bag on its convenience and life, do pay attention to the style factor as well.

Brands such as Delsey and American Tourister are making some sleek designed four-wheel trolley luggage that are a rage in the travel community. If you are willing to spend so cash, nothing beats a trolley bag by Louis Vuitton. For more information about quality and amazing bags for traveling check Tucker & Bloom

The Right Clothes

Unless you are traveling for business or corporate reasons, let that tuxedo and dinner jacket stay home. Dress casually but keep it smart at the same time.

Sweatshirts and track pants, or even a smart polo shirt paired with jeans looks chic. If you will be taking a long flight, you might want to stick to a very comfortable pair of clothing and in that case, a good pair of PJs should do the job.


Even if you are a fan of accessories, keep it as simple and minimal as possible while traveling. You would want to stay stress-free and to not worry about the rings that you forgot by the bathroom sink.

A ring or two for your fingers, a small pendant and a pair of studs should be more than enough. The main oomph should be added by a wristwatch, who remains an important travel accessory.

Although fashionable watches are generally very expensive if you do not want to invest in something as expensive as a Cartier, there are other moderately priced options that you might want to consider. Seiko, a Japan watch brand can be a great alternative to Swiss watches, with its stylish aesthetics and remarkable manufacturing quality.