The Ultimate Guide to Where to Go, Eat & Sleep in Houston

Planning to take a refreshing trip to the heart of Texas over the holidays? What better place to start than the gorgeous and lively city of Houston? From the hottest restaurants to the most phenomenal sightseeing spots, this bustling metropolis has it all.

But once you’re in Houston, where do you stay? And what spots should be on the top of your bucket list? And most of all, where can you eat the best Texan food? We have the answer to all that and more. So keep reading!

Best Places to Eat in Houston

Nothing makes a tour more memorable than delicious, hearty food. Thankfully, Houston has it in spades. Here are some food hotspots you just can’t miss on your trip.

Steak 48

If there’s one thing Texas is known for, it’s their mouthwatering, perfect steaks. Steak 48 serves perhaps the best steak in Houston. This fine-dining restaurant offers everything from a stunning filet to a juicy New York Strip Steak.

It also has a range of good drinks for you to choose from. Before you hit this restaurant, remember that the place has a dress code. Eating here will need you to dress up. But the food and ambiance are indeed worth it. So if you’re seeking a high-end dining experience on your trip, having dinner here could be an amazing idea.

Theodore Rex

If you’re dying to try simple and tasty local food, Theodore Rex is one place you shouldn’t miss. They have a dynamic seasonal menu highlighting locally sourced ingredients. You can also try their extensive wine menu.

So the next time you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or just a relaxing lunch in Houston, head to Theodore Rex.

Stay Here While You’re In Houston

If you’re heading to Houston soon, book a hotel in one of the following areas for a memorable stay.

Downtown Houston

This city area is well-connected, full of greenery, and has terrific entertainment options for everyone. It has several parks, shopping malls, restaurants and is always bustling with locals. It also has some high-end as well as medium-range accommodation options. Plus, it’s completely safe for even first-time visitors.


If your tour to Houston is set to be a luxurious affair, don’t look further than uptown while deciding where to stay. This area has the best upscale shopping complexes and is home to the Galleria. Staying at St. Regis here is a fantastic option for those of you seeking ultimate comfort.

Places You Can’t-Miss in Houston

The Space Center

There’s no way you can miss the world-famous space center while on your Houston trip. This interstellar museum houses some of the best space-related artifacts known to man. And it will take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of NASA’s phenomenal work, history, and current projects.

The Museum of Fine Art

Another museum, albeit of a different kind, is the utterly gorgeous Museum of Fine Art. Whether or not you’re an art connoisseur, you’ll enjoy this place’s diverse collections. It has a wide range of world-famous paintings and sculptures that you just can’t afford to miss. And on top of all that, it has a scenic view of the Houston skyline.


Did you trade a seaside vacation for your trip to Houston? The good news is, you can have it both. Galveston, a pretty beach town located just a few miles from the city, is a great way to satisfy your inner beach lover. Its historic architecture and exquisite sunsets are to-die-for. So once you’re done exploring the top highlights of the city itself, take a quick detour to Galveston for some relaxing time.


Houston is one of those few cities that have anything and everything. You just can’t go wrong with a trip to this Texan metropolis. As long as you take in all this city has to offer, enjoy its unique local cuisine, and stay at the right places, you will have a vacation of a lifetime. So pack your bags, book your flights, and head over to Houston over the holidays.