The Simplest Ways To Get Online While On The Go

Not so long ago, leaving devices at home was the best possible way to enjoy a trip that truly saw you at one with the country of your choosing, and free from distractions at last. Now, however, with way more of us aware of the generalised benefits that connectivity can bring to our travels, the idea of being without wifi for even a week can seem frankly terrifying.

Whether we intend to fund our trips with regular blog uploads or simply require guaranteed access to pages that utilize Google translate api so that we can more easily meet local residents, constant connectivity is therefore a must-have. The trouble is that, for travelers who like to visit locations off-the-beaten-track, wifi certainly isn’t a given. Hence why, if you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned and many more, you should always take the following steps to ensure wifi before and during your planned vacations.

Choose a phone package with roaming included

Excessive roaming charges have been a talking point for years now, especially due to high-profile cases like the guy who was charged an eye-watering $62,000 for downloading a film while roaming a few years ago. Yet, enjoying mobile wifi is great news because, within reason, it provides connectivity wherever you are. Hence why one of the best ways to stay online while on the go is to make sure that roaming is included in your mobile package. T-Mobile and GoogleFi are especially great in this sense as their global plans allow unlimited overseas data, while these companies in general enable coverage in over 200 countries without needing a specialized plan. All of which means that you can get online whenever you want, wherever you want.

Book accommodation with wifi

While it will still leave you largely offline during your explorations (which honestly isn’t a bad thing), accommodation that comes with wifi can be a great middle-ground for enabling you to catch up in an easy, budget-friendly package. Admittedly, most Airbnbs and hotels in popular tourist areas will now offer this benefit as standard. If you prefer to travel off-track, however, make sure to shop around and select an option that specifically states wifi is included. Otherwise, you could find yourself unexpectedly unreachable, and paying the consequences of that mistake.

Know how to find wifi in the wild

As is evidenced by the fact that there’s now a solar-powered internet cafe in Kenya (yes, really!), there are now public connections all over the world. As such, you simply need to know how to find them to enjoy a pretty continuous stream of connectivity as you travel. Internet cafe directories are the best tool that you have for making this possible and include options like Cybercafes, Net Cafe Guide, and even Google Maps if you’re backed into a corner. Just make sure that you draw up a decent list before you leave the internet behind you in the first place, and there’s no reason why you can’t keep the lines of connection open at all times using this all-important technique.