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The Longest – And Most Expensive – Package Holiday Ever?

Package holidays are not exactly what global nomads have in mind – but they are the perfect choice for those having a truly hectic and congested schedule in their everyday lives that don’t leave them enough time (and energy) to plan their summer getaway.

These package holidays cover transport, accommodation, dining, and sightseeing, taking care of everything from car rentals to wellness programs and such. They are true time-savers.

There is, in turn, a package holiday (if we can call it that) that’s not exactly a time-saver – and it’s also not the thriftiest option.

It is a cruise called “Ultimate World Cruise”, it takes 245 days, and it costs over $92,000 per person.

The Ultimate Cruise, Viking Cruises

Around the World in 245 Days

The Ultimate Cruise, Viking Cruises’ latest and most comprehensive itinerary, leaves the port of London on August 31, 2019, and returns to London eight months later.

During the round trip, it touches Scotland, Norway, and Greenland, it crosses the ocean to Canada, it stops in Boston, New York, the Caribbean, Brazil and other South American countries (including a cruise on the Amazon), it crosses the International Date Line, stops in New Zealand, Australia, it touches several countries in South-East Asia, it covers India, Egypt, Malta, Spain, and Portugal, and finally returns to England.

The cruise visits 59 countries on six continents and 113 ports, including 22 port overnights. It completely circumnavigates the world – this makes it the longest ever continuous world cruise itinerary.

Amenities and benefits

The Viking Sun, the fourth cruise ship added to the company’s ocean fleet, comes with amenities like two swimming pools, the company’s signature LivNordic Spa, and serene Scandinavian spaces built around the Vikings’ tradition.

The Ultimate Cruise

What the company offers its guests is the “thinking person’s cruise”, as Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen says, with smaller ships, more time spent in ports, and more port overnights.

Viking’s new worldwide cruise comes with Business Class international air, transfer to and from the ship, free luggage shipping services, and various credits for early booking.

The longest cruise ever

While Viking’s Ultimate World Cruise is the longest continuous itinerary, it is not the longest cruise of all. That title goes to the “World of Travel” package by the UK-based Mundy Cruising – a trip around the world that last 357 days and touched all seven continents.

Longest cruise in the world

This cruise, in turn, is not continuous – it has separate “legs”, allowing guests to fly home, take a rest, or even skip one and meet up with the cruise ship at its upcoming destination.

The longest “leg” of the cruise was the South American leg that lasted for 94 nights. The cruise ship left Miami in January 2017 and ended in May 2018, and cost $155,000.