The Best 13 Tips for Parents Flying with a Baby

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Traveling with a baby can be a headache for even the most seasoned traveling parents.

If you are someone who travels a lot, either for work or personal purposes, you need to have a positive mindset and well-prepared to take your baby along with you in a long flight.

The first and the most important thing to do is make your little one as comfortable as possible.

However, you should also consider that your co-passengers are not bothered or disturbed by your baby.

Here are the 13 tips which you need to remember if you are flying with a baby:

Research before you book a flight

You might be tempted to book the cheapest flight, but if you are traveling with a baby, then you need to be very critical in your choices.

It is advised to book a flight with the longest layover because landing is something which can make the babies uncomfortable and they might cry or scream.

Out of all the major carriers, United is considered one of the best as per the United Airlines reviews because most traveling parents recommend them due to their family-friendly attitude.

Even if a non-stop flight is $50 more costly than the others, you should buy the tickets as it will be worth every extra penny. Here, you can look at Faremart as it can help you make your travel experience a good one by providing you with better and easy Air Travel services.

Visit the airport lounge or restroom before boarding the flight

Make sure that before you board the flight the diaper of the child is dry. So, hit the airport restroom and double up the diaper cream or use two diapers instead of one for the extra leak protection.

You can also take your baby for a potty break so that you don’t have any trouble in mid-air.

The benefits of pre-boarding

You would want to skip pre-boarding so that your baby spend as little time on the aircraft as possible. But, pre-boarding can actually benefit you because it may take you a little longer than others to adjust in your seat.

If you board early, then you will get more time to buckle your baby so that your co-passengers do not face any inconvenience.

Get a separate seat for your baby

Even if your child is below two years, and is eligible to fly for free, it is advised to get an extra seat. It is not only a safer option, but it also provides you more space to relax on the plane.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you should place your child in the CRS, i.e., child safety restraint system of the plane, and not in your lap.

The arms of the human body are not capable enough to hold a child securely in case of any unexpected emergency.

Therefore, the right and the smart thing to do is get an extra seat for your baby.

Gate check baby gear

Most of the airlines provide baby gear such as strollers in the airports. Simply, ask the attendants in the airport for a gate check tags, and the stroller.

Make sure to fold the strollers before you board the flight. Different airlines have different policies regarding gate check, so visit your airline’s website to know about their policy.

Buckle up your baby

The most important safety practice is to buckle up your child with the car seat. In case of turbulence, it makes sure that your baby is safe and sound.

If you have a long flight, then you can unbuckle your little one for a potty break, or for stretching those small legs.

Your youngster may want to run to the aircraft aisle or wish to stay in your arms, but the most sensible thing to do is fastened them securely in the seats.

Bring extra baby necessities

It’s better to bring more diapers, snacks, food, on the flight than it is needed. If your flight is delayed, then these things will help you a lot.

The last thing you would like to see is that your hungry baby is screaming in a dirty-diapered.

Dress your baby in comfortable clothes

You might want to dress your baby in skinny jeans, and a t-shirt, but comfort should be your number one priority.

If you are traveling to a snowy place, then you can use multiple layers for your baby. It will keep your baby warm. You don’t want to beg the flight attendant for an extra blanket if the temperature drops.

Have an extra set of clothes for you and baby

You need to have an extra set of clothes in your baggage in case of an emergency in mid-air. If the diaper of the baby leeks, and you don’t have spare clothing, then it can be a nightmare for you.

You would not want your baby sticky and wet for the whole flight. To avoid such situations, pack an extra set of clothes in the diaper bag.

Protect the ears of the baby

Due to the change in pressure in the airplane, your baby can have ear pain. To ease out the pain, you can indulge your baby in sucking or chewing something.

Therefore, bring a bottle of pumped breast milk, and give it you baby during landings. If your child does not like milk, then let them chew a cookie, it will help them to ease the pain.

You can also use children EarPlanes which protect the sensitive ears of your baby. Take a bit of advice from your pediatrician for the best ear pain drops before you board the plane with your baby.

Don’t forget the medications

If you or your baby take any prescribed medicines, then make sure to carry them in your bags. You wouldn’t get them in mid-air, make sure that keep them in the original packaging so that they can be identified easily.

As we discussed earlier, get some medication for sore ears as they might be very helpful during the long flight.

Keep your little one happy

If you travel alone, then you can make yourself busy with a good book, a movie or a magazine. But, if you are a parent and have a baby, then you can’t do these things.

You need to keep your baby happy during the long flight using whatever you have in hand. Buy the travel toys for your babies and actively play with them.

Your baby might get scared of the turbulence, so you need to distract them and make them happy.

Deal with strangers

Most of the passengers are happy to travel a child alongside, but there are a few who do not like if there are any infants in their flight.

There would a time where your baby might cry or scream in the flight. At such situations, you need to handle the situations calmly.

Make sure that your kids aren’t bothering other passengers. If your baby has a dirty diaper, go to the bathroom and change them.

The Final Say

If you are traveling with a baby, it’s not going to be smooth sailing. Dirty diapers and crying spells can make you frustrated.

Therefore, make sure to be well-prepared so that you can handle any situation calmly.

Also, don’t feel shy to ask any help from the flight attendants. They are there to help you, and if you are in a difficult position, they would be more than happy to help you.