Advice for travelling by myself – my biggest fears

Whether it’s for work or leisure, solo travel often serves up the very best adventures.

Nonetheless, it’s only natural that you’ll have a number of niggling worries ahead of the trip. Learning to control them will make a huge impact on your future experiences.

So here’s 8 big questions and useful pieces of advice for travelling by myself. 

Will I Be Lonely?

It’s great to be comfortable in your own company. Nonetheless, everyone craves human interaction during their adventures. Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet a range of travellers, and will greatly improve your experiences. People on volunteer schemes and organised trips can also hook up with new connections via social media in the weeks leading up to the trip. This allows you to remove the fear before you’ve even left.

I recommend taking a quick look at Hey Nadine’s awesome video on solo travel.

Will People Understand Me?

Another common worry revolves around expressing yourself. This is especially true if visiting a non-English speaking country. Translator Apps are an easy solution to those issues while learning a few stock phrases should aid your cause too. With tech on your side, the language barrier needn’t be an issue. If you have a particularly strong accent, talking slow and clearly will have a telling impact too. As long as you are polite, though, most locals will respond in the right manner.

What If I Get Sick?

The thought of falling ill on your travels is never nice but is particularly harrowing when you’re alone. A good health insurance coverage will provide emotional reassurance. Still, prevention is the best form of protection, which is why the right medications and injections are vital too. Similarly, protecting your skin against the sun or cold will minimise the probability of contracting an illness while you’re away.     

Will Restaurants Cater To My Dietary Needs?

If it’s an issue related to choice, such as being a vegetarian, you should be able to find suitable places with a quick online search. Meanwhile, if you have allergies, it’s worth writing them down in the native language before travel. Most locations are blessed with a plethora of great local places to eat, but anyone that is still worried can opt for the worldwide chains. The crucial aspect, however, is to remain hydrated at all times. Just remember that tap water may cause an upset stomach.   

Will I Look The Part?

Treating yourself to a new wardrobe of clothes is undoubtedly one of the highlights before any trip, and will make the whole thing seem more real. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon to worry about looking out of place. Checking the latest fashion trends will point you the right direction. Meanwhile, it’s always worth checking the climate conditions of the destination well in advance. Nobody wants to take too many outfits away, so focus on quality over quantity. You can always get them dry cleaned.  

What If I Start Missing Home?

Most holidaymakers won’t worry about this, but those on extended work tasks will consider this to be a priority. Social media and video chat facilities are ideal ways to stay in touch with everyone back home. On a separate note, documenting the adventures with a journal or blog can work wonders.

After all, planning out the conversations you’ll have upon your return can be emotionally comforting. Either way, the trip will pass a lot faster than you realise.   

Will I Get Pick-Pocketed?

The harsh reality is that tourists are easy targets. This is why you need to take extra care from start to finish. Choosing the best luggage carry on for the flight and onwards journeys is vital while you should wear a jacket with zipped pockets too.

If visiting a place where you could get robbed (even by police) carrying a ‘fake’ wallet with a small amount of cash can save you a lot of hassle. Prevention is the best form of protection.

How Will I Get Around?

Travelling to the destination is easy. Getting around can often be hard, especially as you may not know about routes or the efficiency of public transport facilities. In this case, renting a car with a sat nav system can work wonders. Aside from the comfort of being in a private vehicle, the technology allows you to plan the times. Then again, most major cities boast good metro and bus services. So, it largely depends on the place you intend to visit.

The Final Word

Solo travel is a little scary, especially for the first few trips. As long as you’re well prepared, though, it can be the most rewarding way to see and experiences the things that you desire.