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Simple hacks to make working away a breeze

On one hand, you would think that getting out of the office would be the ticket to a little more freedom and as such, a little more flexibility.

Unfortunately, it’s seldom like this. 

While you might be away from the hustle and bustle, and you might not be experiencing distraction after distraction, working on the road is much easier said than done. Most people find that productivity levels sink to record lows – and at first this can be a huge shock to the system (and your schedule).

As such, if you are about to travel away with work, here are the top hacks to make sure that you can keep your productivity levels as high as can be.

Find an office space – or create your own

Obviously, this first solution is going to vary depending on your business requirements. If you’re entertaining clients or associates, finding appropriate business meeting rooms is obviously advisable. If on the other hand you are going solo, it stands to reason that you’ll need some form of office space – whether this is part of your hotel room or perhaps a hot desk in the city.

In simple terms, you need something that is going to cut down distractions to minimum. As attractive as it might sound, working on the beach is rarely a good idea.

Don’t tap into the complimentary Wi-Fi

Unless you are traveling to the middle of nowhere, the general assumption is that you will be provided complimentary Wi-Fi. While this is crucial in some regards – keeping a constant internet connection can have its pitfalls when you work away.

Again, let’s focus on the topic of distractions. When you’re away, they come in full force, and when these are combined with the usual phone calls, emails and even social network updates it all can get too much.

As such, even though you do have the ability to stay online, try and resist until you have to send that all-important email.

Don’t ditch your normal sleeping patterns

This next suggestion doesn’t have anything to do with jet lag – but rather your working hours.

Again, the temptations of a trip abroad can mean that it’s easy to tap into late night entertainment and subsequently have a lie-in.

In the interests of productivity, you need to avoid such an approach at all costs. Staying in your normal hours, even if they are different to what colleagues back in the office at home are working to, will keep your schedule on track and allow you to keep focus.

While you might promise to work later at night just to enjoy your new environment in the day, it rarely works out like this – so be warned.

You are allowed breaks

All of the advice so far has been quite strict. However, let’s end with a simple suggestion that goes against this – learn how to take breaks.

As you’re most probably working alone, you won’t have the usual office distractions available to you (co-workers chatting and so on). It means that you need to create your own breaks, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes. This is essential from a productivity perspective; you just can’t afford to give into burnout.

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