Sensible Strategies for Enjoying Train Travel with Kids

Taking a train trip with your kids can be very exciting for them and a bit fretful too if they don’t know what to expect and how to cope with traveling a different way to usual.

Here is a look at some ways to make the adventure go smoothly and allow your kids to the chance to enjoy traveling by train. Including a tip to start the day well before you board the train, a reminder to remember sleep patterns, and some entertainment and food options to keep everyone happy.

Give yourself plenty of time

Stress levels for parents and kids are immediately raised when you have to make a mad dash to board the train before it leaves the station.

Don’t start the day off in a bad way by not giving yourself enough time to get to the station and take a look around before it is time to climb aboard.

It would be a good idea to encourage your child’s natural curiosity anyway, so try to give yourself at least thirty minutes and maybe an hour before your departure time, so that you can relax at the station and let the kids take in all the sights and sounds.

Try to think about sleep

If you are traveling with a young child or baby who still has a sleep during the day, it would be a wise idea to try and plan your journey around that regular pattern.

Traveling during the expected naptime won’t be a problem if you are fully prepared and make sure you bring all their usual comfort items like their favorite toy or blanket. It would also be a good move to bring your stroller with you so that they can go to sleep in there if the carriage is crowded or it is easier to snuggle them down in a familiar item.


Entertainment options

A train journey can be considered entertainment in its own right but after they have finished looking out of the window and exploring the train, you want to have a few options on hand to keep them entertained.

You will have to be practical with what you pack as you don’t want to be carrying loads of books, toys, and games around with you, but there are plenty of things you can take that fit the bill.

Alongside the traditional card games and books that are easy to pack, you can also make good use of your smartphone by downloading some useful apps that they could use for entertainment.

The mandala coloring book app could be a good option, as it is an activity that appeals to all ages and will keep them busy for hours. If you are going to load some arcade game options as well, remind your children of the need to respect other passengers and ask them to turn the sound down so that others don’t have to listen to the sound effects too.

Plenty to eat

You don’t want anyone in your party going hungry during the train journey as that is bound to make them restless and can lead to a few tantrums.

If you are on a long-distance route there should be a restaurant car to cater for your needs, but it would be a good backup plan to have plenty of snacks and drinks to hand as well.

Most kids seem to enjoy the idea of traveling by train and if you are fully prepared for the journey, it can be a great way to enjoy some family fun and reach your chosen destination.