Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Creating Safe Travel Destinations In 2021

Royal Holiday Vacation ClubRoyal Holiday Vacation Club is committed as ever to your safe travel in 2021. The travel industry was greatly affected in 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.

The good news, however, is the new year 2021 is already promising to be a wonderful year for tourists as there is news about potential vaccines.

Before that happens, travel companies including Royal Holiday Vacation Club, have implemented measures to keep tourists safe. These measures include following:

Close Updates on Covid-19 Protocol

Many travel companies adhere to the WHO safety rules regarding transmission of the novel coronavirus. They obtain current information concerning the virus from the CDC and divisional health organisations.

The Royal Health Vacation Club is socially responsible and has therefore networked with agencies in varied travel locations for daily updates on the same. They then refer travellers to safe locations.

Follow-up on the Regulations

Travel agencies are greatly concerned about the health standards of their members. They have therefore moved to implement the health standards that have been put in place by various governments. To this effect, hygiene is their topmost priority in a bid to keep the guests in various travel locations safe. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club cherishes the health concerns of tourists.

In this regard, they have taken a step to ensure that all hotels in their list of travel destinations are cleaned regularly, disinfected, fumigated and that the guests are given hand sanitisers.

Guest’s temperatures are also taken upon arrival and have special quarantine facilities for those who test positive.

Even though there are still travel restrictions in place to get to one’s favourite travel destination, there are a few fascinating travel locations that have been cleared for safety in the new year.  Here are three of the safest and remarkable places one should consider visiting:

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This one of a kind island is located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Republic of Ecuador. It is best known for its 27 species of animals that are found nowhere else on earth. This is where Charles Darwin, a famous Evolution Scientist, carried out most of his research.

As of mid last year, Ecuador has allowed international flights and the island has been receiving tourists from all corners of the world.

What one will need is a Covid-19 negative test within ten days of their arrival. Here, one gets to enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape and the unique species of animals without having to worry about their health safety.

Costa Rica

When deciding on a vacation destination nowadays, one most important factor to consider is safety. One has to think of a place where they can have fun to the fullest yet come back home as healthy as they left. Costa Rica offers this combination and that is why it is one travel destination one should visit this year.

The Costa Rica Government opened up to tourists late last year after putting measures in place to keep tourists safe from Covid-19. There are many outdoor activities to be enjoyed here that include; Horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, surfing, bird watching among many others.

The Greek Islands

Located around the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is the perfect travel destination to explore. This country was one of the first countries to open up its airspace to international travellers and is adhering to safe Covid-19 regulations. Greece is rich in history, something that will excite ancient history lovers.

It is also known for its magnificent ancient temples, beautiful beaches, a variety of scenic landscapes, lush forests and a great climate. Since the country opened up for tourists, appropriate health protocol is being observed to keep travellers safe. All these are enough reasons to book an air ticket to Greece.

These travel destinations are a great start to the new year. They are fascinating, memorable locations that are completely safe and tourist-friendly. 

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club has implemented a Safe Guest Program to assist you and keep you safe and healthy in your travels.