Routes and Tips for Cruising South Pacific

Are you planning a voyage in South Pacific? Well, you are indeed about to embark on one of the fascinating journeys of your life and come back with special memories that will last a lifetime. However, cruising the seas and oceans can be complex. While the white-sand beaches of the South Pacify and those swaying palms would be enough to create the most fainting sailing fantasies, one needs to prepare well ahead for the glorious global adventure.

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What creates unique challenges is not just the very size of the South Pacific, but also its powerful currents and storms. What you would need here is meticulous planning for cruising and plan trips with flexibility.

Sailing the South Pacific

 Get ready for a successful Pacific passage, and all you need to do is just keep the following tips in mind.

  • Choose a reliable and reputed cries operator for the South Pacific, and Ponant is one such trusted name when it comes to exploring the exotic seas of the South Pacific. Luxury cruises in the Pacific with Ponant means enjoying an exceptional itinerary and voyaging with compete indulgence.
  • Prepare well ahead for the legal requirements and ensure that your passport is valid within six months. Check the visa requirements carefully before you sail. Make high-resolution photocopies of all your documents, passports, and clearance papers. Insist on a government stamp for any document.
©PONANT Philip Plisson
©PONANT Philip Plisson
  • Get well familiar with the course and schedule of your cruise as well as the direction of the significant currents and prevailing winds, within the South Pacific.  The right time to explore and sail in the South Pacific is to set out as early as late January, so as to keep away from the official cyclone season and stay far from the storms.
  • Milk Run is the most popular route that passes through the Galápagos Islands, Tuamotus and Society Islands.
  • Ecuadorian coast is equally fascinating, and it is fun to cruise down the coast and pass to the Galápagos from Salinas.
  • Perhaps the longest sailing route is the 3000-mile route from the Galápagos to the Marquesas, and if you prepare well for the cruise, you can be sure of enjoying the most memorable sailing experience ever.
  • Crossings the Tuamotus means covering an area larger than Western Europe. This is the longest chain of atolls on the planet and is also the most dangerous archipelago because of the unpredictable currents and low-lying islands.
  • Book water-based activities as per your interests with the local operators. You may like to enjoy an independent tour or go with the ship excursion, whatever path you choose. It is essential to swim and snorkel with someone around as the currents and tides can be unrespectable.
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  • Pack according to the destination and makes sure to carry along everything that you would need. You can pack cold medicine, bug spray, and books. Wear casual outfits during the day and should have a suitable evening attire for the country you are in.
  • Cruising through the South Pacific means lots of shopping, and you are sure to get carried away by the sight of those local handicrafts, woodcarvings, and jewelry in the flea markets. So, carry some cash for those souvenir-shopping opportunities.
  • Do not forget to carry seasickness meds as some of the seas can be rough and leave you nauseated. The waters can be choppy and thus pack a nausea remedy of your choice.

Enjoy the most incredible waters and beautiful scenery at every stop and relish those sailing trips and excursions through the South Pacific.