Routes and Tips for Cruising South Pacific

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Are you planning a voyage in South Pacific? Well, you are indeed about to embark on one of the fascinating journeys of your life and come back with special memories that will last a lifetime. However, cruising the seas and oceans can be complex. While the white-sand beaches of the South Pacify and those swaying palms would be enough to create the most fainting sailing fantasies, one needs to prepare well ahead for the glorious global adventure.

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What creates unique challenges is not just the very size of the South Pacific, but also its powerful currents and storms. What you would need here is meticulous planning for cruising and plan trips with flexibility.

Sailing the South Pacific

 Get ready for a successful Pacific passage, and all you need to do is just keep the following tips in mind.

©PONANT Philip Plisson
©PONANT Philip Plisson
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Enjoy the most incredible waters and beautiful scenery at every stop and relish those sailing trips and excursions through the South Pacific.