Road trip ideas 2018 – The best roads to drive on

Getting away from work for a couple of weeks is awesome, and it’s even better when you head off with your best mate on the journey of a lifetime. With so many routes to choose from it can be hard to know where to start which is why the latest Kwik Fit travel eBook is a great place to start. Its called Europe’s Top Road Trips be sure to download it now.

Let’s take a look at a few of the routes their own intrepid travellers have checked out so you can pick where you and your mate are off to next…

Ireland: The Ring of Kerry

You might not associate Ireland with road trips, but if you let that stop you from driving the Ring of Kerry then one thing is for sure: you’ll be seriously missing out. The variation in the landscape is truly stunning and something that you’ll remember forever.

There’s plenty of coastal routes for those of you looking to stop off and relax at the beach on a summer’s afternoon. Plus because it’s Ireland there’s never going to be too far to go for your evening drop of Guinness.

Norway: Trollstigen and the 1,000 Metre Waterfall

Norway is one of those countries that you have to see to truly believe. You may think of it as a fairly barren place that’s covered with snow all year round, but that couldn’t be more wrong. The countryside landscapes are mesmerising and will leave a lasting impression on you.

The summers are scorching hot, and the food is great. All of this pails in comparison to the raw natural power of the Stigfossen Waterfall though. If you want to see something that you’ll never forget then this is surely it.

Austria: The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

Sounds like quite a mouthful doesn’t it! Fortunately the drive isn’t as hard as the spelling, but it’s not a drive for those of you who like to keep things flat and steady down at sea level. As the 48 km route winds its way at over 2,500 m you’ll get to see 37 mountain peaks.

The perfect view as you make your way around the naturally flowing bends that criss-cross the forests and woodlands. The flowering rock faces that seem to grow in midair are certainly something you won’t want to miss either.

Germany: Route 500

We’ve all heard of Route 66 across the US, but how about Route 500? This stunning piece of engineering allows you to cruise right through the heart of the Black Forest as you take in a whole host of amazing views. Make no mistake about it; this is far from a commute as there’s plenty for you and your mate to stop off and do along the way.

The thermal springs in Baden edge it for me and make this my favourite route in the entire book. Taking a dip there is something I don’t think you’ll ever forget.

There’s plenty more routes to choose from in the eBook though, so dive on in and plan your next adventure!

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