Reasons to Visit Festival Fairs in Kerala

Kerala is a land of lush green nature, rich diversity, and festival fairs. Be it winter or monsoon, summer or spring, Kerala hosts breathtaking festival fairs all year-round. Vibrant colours, unique cuisine, old school traditions, classical folk dances, and soothing music are a few among the many must-have experiences in Kerala. The festival fairs accompanied by beaches, backwaters, and stunning mountain ranges make Kerala, also famously referred to as the ‘God’s own country,’ a must visit for special getaways and vacations such as holidays and honeymoon. One can find several Kerala tour packages and honeymoon packages offered by India’s top travel planners. Continuing on the subject, we present 5 reasons to visit festival fairs in Kerala.

Taste Rich and Authentic Kerala Cuisine

Kerala is famous for its cuisine, high in diversity and vastly different when compared to a typical South Indian or North Indian style cuisine. Dishes such as the Vishu kanji served during the Vishu festival and the AttukalPongala offered to the Goddess Attukal Devi during the month of February/March are native to the state and offer a window into the state’s culture through food. Kerala is also famous for its extensive use of coconut oil in food preparations giving a flavor that is unique to Kerala cuisine.

Witness India’s Ancient Kathakali Dance Form

Kathakali, the widely celebrated dance form of Kerala involves dramatic expressions, mime, extravagant costumes, and intricate dance movements. Inspired by Hindu mythology, Kathakali is believed to descend from folk art and temple performances. Famous festival fairs such as the Onam, MahaShivarathri, and Theyyam festival are famous for Kathakali dance performances and extravaganzas.

Partake in an Amalgamation of Devotion and Art

Kerala is famous for several ancient temples such as the SreePadmanabhaswamy Temple, AmbalapuzhaSree Krishna Temple, Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, and Guruvayur Temple. During the months of February till May, several temples in Kerala host grand festival fairs involving elaborate dance performances, fireworks and bejeweled elephants marching in the temple’s surroundings accompanied by drumming and more. Events such as these offer a chance to visit ancient temples while simultaneously experiencing the fun, culture, and spirituality that characterises temple festival fairs.

Watch Boat Races in the Beautiful Kerala Backwaters

Backwater rides are one of the topmost attractions of Kerala. The state is particularly famous for its boat festivals and races held in the backwaters between the months of July to September. The boat festivals enjoy great viewership as many people of Kerala visit the races to cheer for their favorite teams and celebrate the races. Nehru trophy, ChampakulamMoolam, and VallamKali are among the few top boat races in the state that you can check out as part of your Kerala trip package.

Celebrate Christmas the Kerala Way

Christmas is known to be one of the oldest festivals of the state dating back to nearly 15 centuries. Kerala is highly populated by orthodox Christians who celebrate Christmas on a scale equal to the Western nations. Colourful Christmas trees, busy cathedrals, Christmas mass, lip-smacking dishes such as the duck roast, Kallappam, and neerdosa are among the several highlights of this festival in Kerala.

Wrap Up

Kerala is one of the few unique places in India that can be visited throughout the year as the state is always bustling with activity such as festival fairs and boat races. This coastal state typically experiences a great influx of tourists during the Onam festival and monsoon. Visiting a state rich in festival fairs, culinary experiences, natural beauty, and art is made all the more unforgettable when you buy your Kerala tour packages from a reputable tour planner. You can also bag unbeatable savings on your Kerala tour, honeymoon, and holiday packages offered by India’s largest tour operators and travel planners when you take advantage of holiday and special promotions.