Reasons to visit Boston in 2018

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There are great cities of the world perfect for a short break or even a week long exploration. Boston is definitely on that list and is a city of many faces with colourful history and culture worth seeing. Plenty of amazing places to eat, to party, to learn and to stay. So lets dive in to some of the best reasons to visit in 2017.

Summer in the city

Summer in Boston is beautiful. With tree lined streets of gorgeous brownstone houses its a pleasure to meander through the residential areas and enjoy the greenery that fills this city. There’s also plenty of parks, my favourite being Boston Common right in the city centre. Its a very walkable city so the summer time is without doubt the best time to visit. Renting a bicycle is a great idea if you want to see more quickly and cheaply. Not to mention the great exercise you’ll get. Autumn is also a great time to visit as the many trees turn the streets a bright shade of orange. Remember to bring your camera!

Historical architecture

With so much history around every corner its no surprise that Boston is filled with fantastic buildings worth checking out too. The city was founded back in 1630 and is full of beautiful Georgian style houses very close to the city centre. The Library is by far my favourite building and well worth taking a look inside too as the splendour doesn’t stop at the front door. There’s some iconic buildings nestled within the modern skyscrapers of the central business district, all an easy walk from central hotels. Also worth checking out the Italian North End and Beacon Hill too for some elaborate architecture.


Home to the Boston Red Sox, a team founded back in 1901. The city’s famous baseball team has Fenway Park as its home, one of the most famous and iconic baseball stadiums in America. Its also very easy to get to from central Boston. A must when you’re in town. The cheapest tickets are around $52 with some of the best views in the stadium at around $95. Its not often you get to catch a baseball game so why not take the opportunity in Boston! Check out for more info.

Important to know

As with all of America right now, International travellers under the new Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will require approval of ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) which can easily be done online. Its the law that all international travellers have this so don’t head off to Boston without yours! Its very easy to sort your ESTA so don’t worry.

I also recommend getting a local tourist SIM card for your phone at the airport if you have time. Walking around the city is made all the easier with maps so if you can use your smartphone’s data connection you’ll have no problem finding all the sights you want to see. It also means you can make the most of Uber cabs which will make getting around cheap and easy.

Getting to Boston

Being on the East coast of America, flight times from Europe are quick and painless. Just 6 hours from the UK with many flights leaving daily. You can fly from all major airports in the UK including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester. With so many airlines flying West there’s plenty of competition to drive prices down. Once you’ve landed in Boston just jump in a yellow cab and head for the city centre. You’ll find plenty of very well located hotels within easy walk of all the sights. Its a very walkable city so you can tick off many of the tourist attractions on foot or if you’re feeling lazy the public buses make life very easy.