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Putting Your Best Foot Forward With That Big Hiking Vacation

If you’re going on a vacation to somewhere that has fantastic natural beauty, then you’re naturally going to want to explore. One of the most common and rewarding options for doing just that is picking a hiking trail. However, when hiking trips go wrong, not only are they uncomfortable, but they can get dangerous. Here are ways to make sure you stay comfortable, stay safe, and have fun while hiking.

Pick the right spot

Not every hike is right for every person. If you want to make hiking a considerable part of the holiday, then you should prepare by getting into an exercise routine before you head out there. Otherwise, make sure you’re picking routes that are suitable for the skill and endurance level of everyone in the group. After you’ve figured out which routes you can handle, then it’s about picking the ones that offer the best views and the most points of interest. Do your research on the destination beforehand to find the most beautiful hiking routes near you.

Prepare for every weather combination

Know the climate you’re hiking in. Particularly if you’re going somewhere that’s particularly hot or cold. If you’re going to a hot location, for instance, then light clothing might be enough and you might want to look at Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads in bandanas, towels, and the like to keep you cool. However, you should make sure you don’t pack too little. You should have clothes that can keep you warm in the cold and waterproof gear if it starts pouring down.

Don’t get hangry

Staying fueled up while you’re hiking is essential. However, it can be particularly unsatisfying to find yourself eating cold food when you really need a nice, hot lunch or dinner. It’s even worse if you’re using low-quality Tupperware that might be letting in more of the rain than you think. Prepare your food before you head out and look at options like Thermo Boutique food prep containers that make sure your food stays safe and edible no matter what condition. Fail to prepare and both you and your stomach might be grumbling all the way back.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This can’t be stressed enough. No matter the weather, running low in hydration levels when you’re hours out from any sign of human life can be seriously dangerous. You should make sure you have plenty of water in your bag. If it’s a particularly long hike, then you might even want to think about bringing hydration packs. It’s recommended that you drink at least a quart and hour while you’re out there. Otherwise, you might be in danger of becoming exhausted and even passing out in the wilderness.

Most importantly, make sure you learn as much about the trail as you can before you go so you don’t get lost. Keep your phone off until you need it if you need help and make sure to bring some signaling devices with you. It might not happen, but it pays to prepare for the worst.


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